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anika bren

by anika bren on 24 August 2004 - 18:08

I am curious what different people use to line their whelping boxes? What kind of material they use for the box? If you use wood, what do you coat the wood with, if anything? What size do you make it? I was taught the old standby, 4'X 4' wood box lined with newspaper. Anybody have things that work better?

Fokwulfe Kennels

by Fokwulfe Kennels on 24 August 2004 - 18:08

My whelping boxes are the size of the plywood sheet, 4/8 I think. I put linoleum over the bottom piece of wood for easy clean up. I then put shredded paper in the box and when the pups get older I use cedar. I also have a sectioned off area for the bitch where food & water is located, and also space for her to be alone while still keeping an eye on the puppies.

by DKiah on 24 August 2004 - 19:08

I used to use wood boxes, but have since switched to the DuraWhelp plastic coated cardboard prefab sort of box.. It is quite sturdy up until pups are about 3-4 weeks old. I use the 48"x48" size. For the whelping we use sheets with newspaper under them, I can just scoop up anything messy and replace with new while I wash the others..... Our whelping room is in the detached garage and has its own laundry area so I can wash and dry while the whelping is going on... After the pups are born and until I move them, I use rubber backed sheepskin pads with waterproof liner pads or PoochPads underneath... all are machine wash and dry(or disposable liners) and I have enough to be able to make several changes a day if need be.... Once the little monsters are starting to explore OUTSIDE of the box on their own (room is TOTALLY puppy proof), we move them to our heated/air conditioned back porch where we have a 6'x6' puppy pen.. I use the sheepskin in part of the pen and they tend to sleep there and newspaper the rest... would try shavings if I could figure a way to keep the shavings contained in the pen.. we have kennel runs outside of the house very close, so it is very easy to take pups in and out of the porch and to the kennel for fresh air on good weather days..... So, you see our entire world is built around the comfort and security of our dogs... wouldn't have it any other way!!

by bcoats on 24 August 2004 - 20:08

We also use the DuraWhelp box. I was skeptical when I first saw it but it has lasted through many litters. I also purchased the Weaning box that goes with it. It works great! When whelping we use shredded news paper as well. Once the pups are about 3 weeks old I use the new product called Nafcore to line the box with. It is super absorbent, controls odors and keeps the pups clean and dry. It absorbs 200% better than pine shavings! Beth

by DKiah on 24 August 2004 - 23:08

Thanks Beth, I'll have to check into that Nafcore product!! sounds great!


by jbbrbx on 25 August 2004 - 00:08

To save money we made a whelping pen from plywood 4 X 6 and covered the wood with contact paper before we actually put it together. This keeps the contact paper secure to the wood and it is easy to clean. No floor in it as the pups are located in a corner of our kitchen on the tile anyway. Not fancy but Works well. Jan ;-)

by bcgsdmom on 25 August 2004 - 00:08

Ours is a 4x5 plywood box, reinforced along the top and corners, and covered with 3 coats of fibreglass resin on the inside and outside. The resin completely seals it in (like a canoe), and makes it not only puppy proof, but very easy to clean. We also use the pvc piping along the inside for the whelping rails, also easy to clean, and helps to hold down the bedding. For liners, we use newspaper, and then large beach towels or old bath mats. Lots of laundry, sometimes 3 loads/day!

anika bren

by anika bren on 25 August 2004 - 23:08

Thank you everybody for your responses. Lots of great ideas out there. I have been curious about the Durawhelp boxes, it is good to see positive comments from people that have used them. Beth- What is the Nafcore made of and is there a website I could look it up on. I have a dog whose skin reacts to every bedding I've used so far.


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