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by solo on 23 August 2004 - 16:08

SERIOUS QUESTIONS FOR THE 'IRISH FEDERATION FOR GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS' IT NOW APPEARS THAT THE GSD CLUB OF AUSTRALIA HAS SOME SIMILAR SERIOUS QUESTIONS TO ANSWER PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE ON THE FOLLOWING WEB-PAGE There has been some questionable behaviour from representatives of the "IRISH FEDERATION FOR GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS" - I.F.F. Their WUSV representative - has made a STATEMENT to the WUSV regarding the LEGALITY of Schutzhund in Ireland - I am trying to obtain ABSOLUTE CLARITY regarding his statement to the WUSV with the following question: "DID YOU STATE TO THE WUSV THAT SCHUTZHUND WAS ILLEGAL IN IRELAND?" A simple and straight forward question, you would think. The following is a published statement from the I.F.F. "Representatives from the GSD Club of Ireland, the All Ireland GSD Club and the Ulster GSD Club met in late February to discuss the issues raised by the WUSV meeting in Ulm last year. At that WUSV meeting the GSDCI as a founder member club raised the concern of the effect the Republic’s Dangerous Dog Laws would have on the requirement to introduce Schutzhund training. Supported by the Irish Kennel Club Ltd. the GSDCI President and representative, Mr. Ray D’Arcy, made the meeting aware of the legal requirements in Ireland (all GSD must be muzzled and on leash when in Public). The WUSV responded by giving an exemption to those countries where Schutzhund contravenes national legislation." THE QUESTIONS: DID MR. RAY D'ARCY INFORM THE WUSV THAT SCHUTZHUND IS ILLEGAL IN IRELAND? DO THE I.F.F. SUPPORT MR. RAY D'ARCY'S STATEMENT TO THE WUSV? DO THE IRISH KENNEL CLUB SUPPORT MR. RAY D'ARCY'S STATEMENT TO THE WUSV? GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF IRELAND I understand that the GSDCI is the oldest established GSD club in the Ireland. I have been informed that this Club only accepts 'associate membership' - retaining 'membership' status in the hands of a few original 'Club elite' I am also led to believe that 'associate members' have NO voting rights. Is this a policy to safeguard the interests of the established 'members' who appear to totally control this club? Do the GSDCI 'members' gain other advantages, such as help from the IKC -'free advertising'? I would be very interested to learn a lot more about this Club -


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