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by solo on 23 August 2004 - 16:08

Bundessieger-Zuchtschau in Wort und Bild (The Sieger Show in Words and Pictures) These fabulous hard back books, in full colour, printed on top quality paper, were introduced in 1994. The first book contained 432 pages, 348 photos and covered about 1000 dogs shown at the 1994 Sieger Show, held in Bremen that year. The Judges were Herman martin, Dr. Ernst Beck, Joakim Bratke, Berthold Wieneke, Heinz Henrici, Erwin Wieser. Each dog shown was included, many with a photo, all with a three generation pedigree and the Judges critique. The only difficulty for many, was the critiques were in German, in later years the book included a separate booklet with critiques in English, and later it was decided to have a German book and an English book, the only difference being the language of the Judges critiques. With such a wealth of information about the annual German Sieger Show, considered by most to be the pinnacle of the World GSD Show Scene, contained in such a high quality book, it came as no surprise to any serious GSD enthusiast that it became very popular, and the only problem was waiting for its publication. Each year the book got better, for example the 1995 book contained 492 pages, and 620 photos, around 1000 dogs presented. In 1996 there was 504 pages, 751 photos, around 1200 dogs presented. This steadily increased each year, and the 2003 book has 550 pages, 1150 photos, around 1000 dogs presented. These books weigh in at just under 2 kg.


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