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by Partyman1 on 12 August 2004 - 14:08

With only about 2 weeks left until the Sieger Show how do you think they will place? Sieger - Larus VA2 - Ando VA3 - Erasmus VA4 - Quantum VA5 - Quirin VA6 - Sarko VA7 - Fritz VA8 - Zamp VA9 - Yoker V1 - Pakros

by M.Carter on 12 August 2004 - 14:08

Quantum Hill Larus Erasmus Ando Zamp If production is considered, Quantum and Hill should be in the top positions. If we look at the rankings based on politics and bias, then we put up Larus and others like him who will continue bottlenecking the breed on Ursus and Jeck.

by Zeljko Radukic on 12 August 2004 - 15:08

VA1 Larus VA2 Hill VA3 Erasmus VA4 Quantum VA5 Ando VA6 Quirin VA7 Zamp VA8 Oliver VA9 Sarko VA10 Yoker V1 Fritz V2 Pakros V3 Orbit . . .

by Wiehenalle on 12 August 2004 - 15:08

I¿m sure that Larus will be VA1 behind him Hill Nero Ando and Erasmus,Quantum,Zamp,Quirin,Fritz and Indo will be VA,too.

by MLTWest on 12 August 2004 - 17:08

Well I hope you guys are correct about Larus as I have a super Larus daughter that I am very proud of - EISCHA von der kleinen Birke, Sch 2 **I just uploaded her new Urma photo. But seriously Quantum has some really good progeny and is really proving himself as a producer and I like him and he owner Peter Send very much, and since I own SG4 Lutz v. Bad Boll I will pull for Quantum actually. It should be an interesting LOTTERY as that seems to be what it is as I sit and watch Herr Orschler judge each week, throw them all in and see what comes up - sometimes no rhyme or reason. Mandy

by goldfinger on 12 August 2004 - 17:08

VA1 Hill Farbenspiel(or Larus) VA2 Ando v. Altenberger land VA3 Larus v. Batu(or Hill) VA4 Erasmus v. Noort VA5 Quantum v. Arminius VA6 Quando v. Sofienwald VA7 Quirin v. Hochmoor VA8 Zamp v. Thermodos VA8 Fritz v. Farbenspiel VA9 Pakros d`Ulmental VA10 Sarko di Casa Mary VA11(or V1)Orbit v. Huhnegrab

by Bella on 13 August 2004 - 23:08

VA1 Larus VA2 Ando VA3 Erasmus VA4 Quantum VA5 Nero VA6 Hill VA7 Quirin VA8 Quentin VA9 Zamp VA10 Pakros VA11 Gonzalez VA12 Natz VA13 Oliver VA14 Silvio

by Bella on 13 August 2004 - 23:08

I posted the top results on Nicie's behalf.

by Barny on 16 August 2004 - 12:08

It depends who will be shown but: Larus (or Hill) Hill (or Larus) Ando Quantum The rest will probably depend on how are they presented on that day.

by Sniper on 16 August 2004 - 23:08

My meaning for the TOP-Dogs in Karlsruhe: I hope that Quantum make VA-1! He is at the moment the BEST Producer in the VA-Group. But Mr.Orschler judge this year the last year, so Larus get the VA-1-Title.(It¿s his own Breed).But his Progeny is not so good to win the Class!!!!!! If Larus win then must Quantum get VA-2! Hill progeny is not the Best, but i think VA-3. Ando Progeny is good, so he get VA-4, Erasmus is not the best mover but the politic give him the VA-5 with a normaly progeny. Nero VA-6 and Quirin VA-7. Sarko get VA-8 and Fritz VA-9. Zamp without Progeny VA-10. Quando get V-1 and Urban V-3. I hope that Gonzales Tronje comes under best five-"V" This is my personality meaning about the TOP-Dogs. Regards Björn www.BPrezetak.de


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