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by Makosh on 24 July 2004 - 04:07

I understand that it is much easier for a male to present a progeny group than for a female, but I am just curious: can/should females present progeny groups at shows or is it against the rules?

by Makosh on 24 July 2004 - 05:07

What approach? Is female’s progeny considered at all when she is awarded VA? Thank you.


by Dog1 on 24 July 2004 - 06:07

Typically the males present their progeny groups since they have the opportunity to influence the breed the most. They will produce hundreds of puppies, vs. a female that will produce few by comparison. Because the males are in the postition to produce this quantity, they are the focus. Females are usually evaluated for their conformation, working ability and genetic strength. The judges typically award VA to females based on strong producing lines in the pedigree. These comments are included at the end of the show critique if you have an URMA book handy.


by Brittany on 24 July 2004 - 15:07

I don't see why not. Why do the female have a special treatment? Why is it ok for the Female to only get a SchH1 just so that shes able to be bred... why not make it so that she can be bred when shes a ScH3? Theirs some females that can produce 10 offsprings per a litter.... Now if breeders breed her to every season... theirs no reason why she cant have the progeny group with her. It also help for people thats wanting to buy a puppy because you can see what the DAM produces.

by Andrew on 24 July 2004 - 17:07

"Its these simple grammtical errors the scare people from buying dogs form you". Ha!........Brittany while your posts tend to be in broken English, please be careful who you take grammar and spelling lessons it celary or celery?

by JanisNovak on 24 July 2004 - 18:07

It's "celery". Randy is right. A good producing female can have four or five litters in her career, a minimal stud dog can have ten times that many. I would love to be able to present a progeny group from my females, but it's highly doubtful that ANY female out there can fulfill the minimum of 15 offspring that show and rate. As to why a female only needs a SchH I to breed survey? So does a male. There's no inequity there. They both need at least a SchH II to go VA. Many breeders will decide to start their females on their breeding career after the I. Unlike the males, breeding DOES disrupt a bitch's titling and training for a minumum of 4 months. And I don't think that anyone would breed a bitch every season. Back to back breedings during her prime ONCE maybe but then she needs a season off. You're endangering the health and well being of your bitch to do otherwise. IMO. JDN - US


by Brittany on 25 July 2004 - 04:07

punk man, (Note I am in somewhat in a bad mood, not because of you or anybody on this website) so please bare with me. Now you say that My English is broken... what kind of English do you most likely to understand? My English is prefect. altho I'm not the best in spelling or grammar... why do you need to bring up my English on a German Shepherd site? Why? Oh yeah and before you start being too critical about my English maybe you should learn to spell correctly... I see you got an English broken problem as well. Your grammar isnt that good either because you're missing those 's :) Anyhow I had enough of you because you have got to be the most pathetic person on here. Oh and when I do decide to breed and when I hit good , Meaning when I produce outstanding puppies ( because I decided to learn and study within the lines) I don't want to hear you begging for a puppy because the first word that I would say is... “NEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” If ya don't know what that means, well translate in the German translator :) Andrew... I was about to pay Punk Man to be my English/ Grammar teacher too :( He failed my requirements and now I can get to say those 2 Hot words... well I'd let The Donald Trump say it “You're Fired!” One last... When bunch of bullies pick on somebody... the reality of the situation is that the picked on person always get the last laugh.


by Brittany on 25 July 2004 - 04:07

Punk man.... We finally have something to agree on! people making money by $elling puppies should be made fun of and pointed at because it only proves that their bringing life into this cruel world just so they can make a profit. A reasonable and fair prices are 1000 to 1500 dollars and if you can promise that a puppy from your litter can get a VA then go ahead and sell them for 2000 dollars and up... just the puppy should have no problems getting a VA and capable of breeding some very top dogs.

by Makosh on 26 July 2004 - 02:07

Thanks everyone, I’ve got my curiosity satisfied, but Brittany, what a nonsense!!! How long ago did you graduate from a “kindergarten”? “Why is it ok for the Female to only get a SchH1 just so that shes able to be bred” Do you think this is easy to put a SchH title on a female? How many have you done? Good job, Funk Man. Don’t forget to add all the costs to set up a kennel itself, plus vet bills, “heart guard”, etc! And if you guarantee your puppies, and have to send replacement puppies from time to time… oh boy. Brittany, to raise a litter of puppies is a VERY HARD WORK, and lucky those who actually get some money. I was in a big “-“ with my first litter, and barely broke even with the second one – not because my puppies were not good (they were perfect), but because of lack of marketing/sales skills. It takes a lot of experience too.

by Kougar on 26 July 2004 - 05:07

One factor left out of the direct cost on a litter vet costs - this is what I actually did vet wise for a first litter with my bitch last fall: Prenatal and pregnancy vet costs: say your vet is average for office calls - 30 per visit; you need brucellosis, and say 4 progesterone - and he lets a tech draw 3 of the 4 progesterones - 50 bucks per test..260 here; ultrasound to confirm pregnancy - office visit and procedure - 130 so we have 390; x-ray to try to ascertain how many - 30 office visit and say 75 for x rays - 105 for 495; whleping starts - 3 pups - I knew there were at least 5 - so back to the vet...emergency fee 75; 2 x-rays, 2 shots of oxytocin as there were 2 pups not 1 left...say 250 for this visit....almost an additional $750 in vet costs for a normal delivery. AKC has litter registration plus individual, and many peple are now microchipping puppies. Also, you do alot of laundry with a litter...I noticed my water bills almost doubled the quarter I had a litter... So add at least another 100-125 per pup on costs.


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