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by Brittany on 23 July 2004 - 22:07

Funk Man.... I almost forgot something... My Female is not for breeding yet... If she proves her self that shes breedworth then I will breed her ( this means TITLES AND show titles) Let me ask you something... Say if theirs a big kennel that everybody knows so much and is active in Conformations and all of the sudden you see on their website that they decided to breed to a female that has no titled (working and Show titled) and has no certied of Hip/elbows Xrays (OFA/HD ZW) What do you think about them now? Trust my buddy... Theirs people out ther thats doing worse things then I am.

by ginabean on 23 July 2004 - 22:07

where is the clue musk when we need it?

by D.H. on 23 July 2004 - 22:07

There are a lot of people on this board who have similar aspiration as you do, and even the most seasoned breeder will always learn more as time passes. It is an ongoing process. Maybe you should look at your "dreams" and try to formulate some realistic goals instead. It is ok to think big, but just to dream about it will never get you there. A goal requires research, planning, a determination to get there. You seem to have all of that, but the route you are taking is taking you off the track. Right now, you have your head in the clouds girl. You want to mingle with the big league, but you haven't even made it to the side lines yet. You have seen a few games on the telly, heard a few comments, and THINK you are ready to play, to mingle, to talk specifics. In terms of GSD, your posts make it clear that you know very little about structure, about training, or the SchH sport, about showing, about breeding, about raising pups, about lines, about SV rules. Yet you talk like you know it all, and as a result you constantly put your feet, both of them, in your mouth. That is what puts people off. What you have achieved though is a certain claim to fame - people do know your name ;O). The sad part is the reaction the mere mention of your name provokes. Usually a sigh, or a roll of the eyes, or some comments that cannot be repeated here, etc. Someone in your position would fare a lot better to just listen, take in what is being said, ask more if what has been said did not satisfy all questions, or new questions come up because of it, but thoroughly engage brain before actually asking, maybe review info again first, like the website that started this thread. Go rent a movie that was very popular when I was your age - the Karate Kid. Good example of what it means to be a mentor, and what it means to be a progeny (still your level), and what it means to be the one that puts everyone off. You end up getting cr*p beat out of you. I have the rare pleasure to having several fantastic people that are my mentors. They are a wealth of knowledge. Long term breeders of show lines, working lines, judges, helpers, top level competitors, you name it. When they speak, I listen. When I ask questions, I make sure they are relevant and will not make a fool of myself (unless we had a few too many ;o)). I have the highest respect for them, for what they have accomplished, for their knowledge, for their willingness to share that knowledge. I treat them accordingly and I am always welcome there. Brittany - the constant antagonism against you is a direct reflection of your own behaviour. You might want to ask yourself why so many people react so strongly to your comments? Can it really be that it is all of us? Or could there be just the slightest possibility that the reason for that lies with you? In Germany we have a joke. People that take the wrong on-ramp onto the Autobahn and end up driving in the wrong direction are called "ghost drivers". So this guy drives in his car and the radio annouces that on the stretch of Autobahn he is driving on has a ghost driver, and that people shoud watch out. He looks around him and says: "What, one? There are hundreds of them out there!"

by ginabean on 23 July 2004 - 23:07

A very thoughtful post, DH.

by Andrew on 24 July 2004 - 00:07

Don't forget celery.

by maxislooking on 24 July 2004 - 03:07

Come on JanisNovak. Piffle on this Piffle on that... this was the decision of one guy a hundred years ago based on bias and the exclusion of his competion. This has nothing to do with any real reason, and just because it is written does not mean it is right, but every group has to exclude something out-of-hand, Piffle

by JanisNovak on 24 July 2004 - 19:07

The piffle comment was intended to be a joke, definitely not meant to offend. Sorry if anyone took it in a way I didn't mean. I'll have to be more clear on that. The standard is a living, breathing document. There ARE ways to change it, I'm sure. But until it is changed, we have to deal with both the constraints and freedoms that it offers. I still feel that if people want acceptance for long coated GSDs then they need to form an organization, start their own show cirucuit with their own written standards, etc. Maybe if it's a large group instead of just a number of individuals they will have better luck? JDN - US <--- still in awe of DH's post

by Kougar on 24 July 2004 - 19:07

BRAVO!!!!! D.H. I applaud you! I have tried over and over to espress these same ideas to both Brittany and Zuni in other threads and situations, but get accused of negativity and picking on them. After well over a year of reading the same themes over and over, I guess I am just more impatient and disgusted with these unrealistic and petulant subjects and comments all over the net. Perhaps you just have a better way with words or are more PC in your presentation, but I cannot aggree more and thoroughly support your statements!


by Wolf on 24 July 2004 - 20:07

Here here, DH!


by ZVZW on 25 July 2004 - 09:07

Hi you all! Hello Brittany, I dont often post on this board,but I can tell you this much,a very great man by the last name of Martin said it best. He not very often respected the man /person whom bought dogs,and showed them and won. He did respect the one whom would breed,strive,work hard to obtain their own goals,whatever that may be. Anyone can buy a dog, and win! Not often will you find one who will try and accomplish whay they see fit, and obtain a goal. Honestly I do wish you all of the LUCK in the world.Do not listen,nor pay attention to the ignorance of them. Take care


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