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by Brittany on 16 July 2004 - 18:07

I've been looking at this one partciular website thats located in germany. The kennel is House- barrett kennels. According to what they are saying is that almost all of their dogs are V rated of which they are all consider Long coats on How is this be when their not capable of getting a show rating?

by merfelderbruch on 16 July 2004 - 18:07

Brittany, there are a few clubs in Germany that solely breed longhaired (longstockhaired) German Shepherds. They are not affiliated with SV or VDH nor with FCI. A lot of those breeders get their stock from SV-breeders and then start on their own. They have their own shows but none of those ratings would ever be regocnized by SV.

by bcgsdmom on 16 July 2004 - 22:07

Brittany, if you read her web page, it says "one day in the year 1993 I read in a magazine about the "existence" of the LSVD (Long-hair German Shepherd Club Germany e.V.). I also read, that in the fall of 1993 they would hold a yearly show only for long-hair dogs..." That explains it.


by Brittany on 17 July 2004 - 04:07

merfelderbruch, Isn't the conformation ratings (VA, V,SG,ETC) copyrighted by FCI (SV)? Even know theirs some people thats out there that puts the titles on just so they can breed but if your caught cant you get in trouble? Also it's much more complicated when you add the same titles of which your not apart of SV and VDH. bcgsdmom, Oh so they do have a special conformation shows for Long coats?

by D.H. on 17 July 2004 - 21:07

The first part would have been a valid question, providing you had actually read the part in their website that states: "Then in 1984 a small group of people gathered together and founded a club by the name of„LSVD e.V.“(Langstockhaarschäferhundeverein Deutschland e.V.) - „long-hair shepherd club Deutschland“. This club laid down very strict breeding regulations with the hope to be recognized by the VDH, SV and F.C.I. The petition was turned in 1991, but no recognition came from the VDH, **SV** and F.C.I." So - no SV recognition. Ergo, no SV shows. Basically all clubs that offer conformation shows have a rating system, and most follow the V, SG, G, A, etc ratings. In Europe at least. Individual clubs may have individual rules and ratings. VDH shows do not award VA, they stop at the V. There is no copyright on conformation titles because for one they represent words that are of regular use in the German language and as such cannot be copyrighted. You cannot copyright the word "word" for example. Furthermore a copyright protects "Intelectual property", such as scripts, theses, photos, lyrics, poems, etc. Single words such as Mercedes may become trademarks, but also under very specific conditions. Again you cannot trademark the word "word". Also, in Germany you cannot just state that a dog has a title so that you may breed it. The dog has to actually have it. Everything is recorded with the SV. If they have no record and you want to breed without fullfilling minimum breeding requirements your pups will not receive papers from the SV. Simple as that. In the US the only minimum requirements for breeding are min/max age and that the parents are AKC registered. The AKC does not even care about OFA or show ratings or anything else. Literally a world apart. Then you go off the deep end again, throwing unfounded gibberish out there. Who do you know, Brittany, who falsifies titles? I doubt very strongly that anyone who would do this will tell YOU about it. And everything else in that regard is just dumb rumors. And if someone does indeed practise this, then let that be their problem. Or report them. End of discussion.

by maxislooking on 23 July 2004 - 02:07

of course the SV should accept the Coated Shepherd, there is no real reason not to...

by Andrew on 23 July 2004 - 19:07

Now we have seen it all.....funk man is annoyed with someone else's posts. I guess Brittany is Super Funks Kryptonite. I have to admit that I do find some of your posts amusing; however you should be the last one to criticize anyone regarding the value of their posts. Oh...funky, why don't you share your true identity and list your web-site so everyone can get a little peek into your world? Now that I'm sure would be funny! GO GET FUNKY!

by JanisNovak on 23 July 2004 - 20:07

[[quote]of course the SV should accept the Coated Shepherd, there is no real reason not to [/quote] Except for the little thing called the written standard. Piffle. JDN - US

by D.H. on 23 July 2004 - 21:07

Interesting website Britt. Gewitterstärke - not really a German word. More like enter the english version into an onlin translator and see what comes up. Animus - thats Latin. [the spiritual or rational principle of life in man]. "All of our dogs will be raised as Pups to Full size adults and will be trained as a HOT = Handler owner trained because it's better to actually know your dog and know their 'real temperament and working ability. We may often ship our dogs to train but to a very trusting person and will be rarely." So ALL these people out there that hire trainers, and that purchase dogs after the puppy stage, really don't know their dogs? All the thousands and thousands of people who are doing this, dogs that are being shown or trialed at National or World level? These people have no idea what their dogs are really like? Would you mind elaborating on this statement a little, Britt?


by Brittany on 23 July 2004 - 21:07

funk man, and all of you that likes to bash me every min that they can get. You guys are not being sucessful of demolishing my future dreams of wanting to become a dog breeder... wait you say DREAMS!?!? what I really meant to say is that I want to breed for a hobby and not breed FOR the money like Most of you breeders in here do. Don't come and harass my future kennel because you don't know nothing about me and my goals. Am I allowed to build a website without anybody harassing it? Geeze it's not even 50% done and you still nag onto it. Some of you guys need to get a life and go and train your dogs and quit nagging at the people who are really wanting to learn about the breed and conformations. Oh and Funk man... Im sorry to burst your bubbles but Jake is not for breeding. PS, please get another name because only a child would choose such nickname "funk man"... maybe use your REAL name. Also lets see your website so i can critque on your kennel and breeding also i better see some progeny because if your going to nag about my future kennel then you must have a heck of a better one... so lets see it babe!


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