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by lsouth on 11 June 2019 - 11:06

Good morning all. I am preparing to add a MS to my home. Since my previous vet has retired, I am talking with new vets. The one I spoke with yesterday cautioned me that MS have a litany of health problems over their life, and that I should be prepared to spend $$$$ on things like diabetes, pancreatitis, eye problems and other diseases.

However, the people I speak with that have MS say their dogs are healthy, without this running list of ills. The MS groups that gush over how wonderful MS are don't seem to mention this as a problem.

There is a disconnect here. What are your experiences with MS health issues over their lifetime?

How do I make sure I am not buying a bagful of problems?

Thanks -


by Nans gsd on 11 June 2019 - 16:06

all breeds have their health problems; I would ask for health certificates and/or clearances. Make sure the breeder is a reputable breeder and does their part if keeping their breeding stock clear of disease and only sells and breeds their best possible. also I would ask what they do with their dogs, what jobs and venues do they attend.  Or do they just breed to breed.


Check hips/elbow OFA background thru OFA sites and also check cardio, thyroid, and ACVO for eye clearances on parents and grandparents if possible and if breeder checks eyes on litter(s).


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