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by Steve1972 on 21 October 2023 - 14:10

I’ve been dealing with a yeast problem on my dog for some time now. It seems to come and go. As she gets older it seems to be getting worse. She is 7 now and it seems more like the problem just moves from a foot to another foot or an ear. I wash her paying special attention to the effected area. It clears up and just comes back somewhere else.

We’ve been to a couple of vets. They give us medicine. It clears up for a bit and right back after a while.

I decided to do some research on the problem scouring the internet for information. I searched this forum list for the key word “yeast”. Many many posts confirming similar experiences. Seems that GSD’s are more prone to yeast problems than other breeds.

My research indicates that a yeast imbalance first occurs inside in the digestive system. Then spreads to the outside where it becomes noticeable. Which makes me very sad, because by the time I know my girl has a problem she’s already been dealing with it inside for quite some time.

Never the less, many articles state that the most effective treatment for yeast is to sop feeding it to the dog. Evidently starchy foods contain yeast. Also quit feeding the yeast that is already there. Simple carbohydrates and sugars are like steroids for yeast.

Yeast and bacteria naturally exist inside of the dog in a natural balance. If you introduce more yeast or feed existing yeast it starts to over power the bacteria that keeps it in check.

Reading these articles has caused me to pay more attention to the dog food that I buy. I have always purchased premium kibbled dog food. I also feed them red meats (beef, goat, sheep, deer & elk) and organs. They are also fed various types of fish when I find them on sale. Mostly salmon, cod & tilapia. I do not feed chicken or pork anymore. I have never fed my dogs the “cheep stuff”. I’ve been reading the food labels. All of the commercially available dog foods, and I mean ALL (specifically what is available in my area) contain ALL of the unwanted ingredients that are associated with yeast problems. It’s no wonder my dog is suffering from this condition. I’ve been feeding it to her all along.

A diet consisting of meat only does not meet nutritional needs.

There is a plethora of supplements out there that claim to reduce yeast. But it makes more sense to stop feeding it to her.

My questions are:
1: is there a commercially available dog food that is formulated to reduce yeast (does not contain the starch & sugar ingredients)?
2: does anyone have a home made recipe that I could make up and feed to my dogs that is relatively inexpensive (around $2.00/lb) and would cover their nutritional needs?

by LMA on 22 October 2023 - 19:10

I found this online, though I tend to regard many of these targeted blog type sites as being comprised of marketers rather than actual veterinarians:

Ultimately, it usually comes down to trial and error.  As for topical control I have used an antifungal dog shampoo for various flareups in my own dogs, with great success. I forget the name but it's at Walmart and costs about $10.00.   Good luck.

by ZweiGSD on 22 October 2023 - 20:10

No kibble will help with a yeast problem as in order to be kibble it must contain some sort of starch.

I feed a raw food made by Ross Wells -- Titan Blue or Titan Red.  It is nutritionally complete.  Contains muscle meat, organs, tripe.  No fruits, vegetables, grains.

Q Man

by Q Man on 23 October 2023 - 09:10

I do feed my dogs a good quality Kibble plus Homemade Foods...But I also put some Apple Cider Vinegar in my dog foods everyday...I use some ACV & Water to clean their ears...This seems to help in the control of Yeast in my dogs...

by Steve1972 on 23 October 2023 - 12:10

Good advise here. I looked into the Titan raw dog food suggested by ZweiGSD. I liked the idea of it. Unfortunately after learning the recommended feeding guidelines I can not afford to feed it. The cost per lb is very similar but the weight to feed daily is greater. It also appears that Titan has a moratorium on new customers as they are unable to manufacture enough dog food to keep up with demand. Got this directly from their website.

I have read about the apple cider vinegar. Also some other probiotic supplements that claim to reduce yeast.
Q Man, how much ACV do you feed and how frequently?

Q Man

by Q Man on 24 October 2023 - 09:10


I buy ACV by the gallon...and just pour a little bit into my dog's Kibble/Veggies/Other additives each day...Then covered with Water...
I feed all my dogs twice a day...I only put ACV into their food once a day...It seems to help...and living in Florida we have a lot of Heat & Humidity to contend with...



by charlie319 on 25 November 2023 - 22:11

I have a male who had a problem with yeast... Gave him some probiotics "Sacchaomyces Boulardii, and in a few days, it cleared the problem. FYI:
And not very expensive.


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