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by Randy67 on 09 September 2018 - 13:09

First time posting, my GSD is now almost a full year old. She is a fantastic dog, I got her from a breeder in the area after doing some low level research, was not incredibly impressed with the breeders effort and enthusiasm after we put a down payment on her but the dog turned out great. We got her trained in obedience, it took 12 weeks and seemed long but I'm very happy with the final product.
Anyhow, I love the dog, all my family and friends love the dog, but she has just hit her first heat cycle and we are unsure if we should get her spayed after it or perhaps wait a couple years and allow her to have a litter as many people said they would want a puppy if we had a litter, no interest in selling or profit off of them, just to continue on genetics of a dog that is a great fit for my family.
I'm really hoping to get more info on her pedigree and if we got lucky or if she has a strong bloodline. Sorry for being clueless.

Here is the father-

Here is the mother- I'm not sure if its ok to post a link to this breeder's site, Id rather not but could not find mother in database.

I would post a picture but Im not sure how, she is a dark(at least I think) sable.



by rakeshausky on 10 September 2018 - 00:09

I like what I see of the pedigree. If you have already put in the time and effort of getting her trained, I would suggest to pursue some titles with her and once she gets to be 2 years old, get her health testing done and breed her to an equally as good male if you want. I like the fact that your female's dad has quite a bit of KNPV titled dogs in his pedigree. You don't see too much of that in GSD's anymore.

by Koots on 10 September 2018 - 00:09

You admit to knowing practically nothing about the breed, yet are thinking of breeding your female? Please, leave the breeding of GSD's to those people who have spent many years educating themselves, countless hours training/titling and amassing knowledge of bloodlines. There are far too many (back-yard bred) GSD's in the pound, SPCA and rescue agencies already. I adopted a GSD from a rescue agency who is the daughter of a world-class working male, yet she still ended up in an adoption situation.

by Koots on 10 September 2018 - 04:09

I want to add to my post above, just so it doesn't seem negative. To the OP - it is fortunate that you have a nice GSD, especially since you are new to the breed and admittedly did not do a lot of research into the breeder. I hope you will take time to train and work with your dog, learn all you can about the breed, and get a really good idea of what the GSD is all about. If your dog is good with family and friends, then you have a really good starting point for future leaning. But there is soooooo much to learn about breeding, that it should never be taken lightly.

by Gustav on 10 September 2018 - 11:09

Send me a pm. This breeding is an outcross in terms of type( Dutch lines/Slovak lines) but has very strong genetics for working traits on both sides of the pedigree.

by Randy67 on 10 September 2018 - 16:09

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. If it wasn't clear before, I'm not interested in starting a breeding program, I was just curious as we have family and friends asking for us to have a litter so they could enjoy the same relationship we have with our dog with zero financial gain needed or in mind. We take her almost everywhere and she is incredibly social, kind, and loving which could be due to strong genetics/intelligence. My uncle had a Black GSD and had her obedience trained(the same place we took Luna), he traveled a ton for work and I became a dog owner about half the time for 9 years. Being aware I am not a breeding expert, I came here to see what her pedigree is/means. I'm aware I can google the titles up the tree but I don't really know what the titles mean or signify about the personality of the dog. When I was selecting my dog, the main things I was concerned about, were health related and how social the parents are. I appreciate and understand your concern Koots but I would think most people that come on here in search of breeding information and even go to a point of posting, have already made up their minds, me being the exception, and instead of attacking people, educating people that are interested in learning and that the demands of being a breeder can be overwhelming and tiresome as I experienced first hand where we got our dog, I believe this was one of the final litters she did as she didn't seem to be enjoying it.

by Koots on 10 September 2018 - 17:09

I'm sorry if you feel that my post is an attack on you, it was not intended to be so. I am not in the habit of 'attacking' posters, and my posting history speaks to this. However, you have admitted that you don't know much about the breed and your last post indicates that the breeder of your dog did not enjoy having and raising that litter due to the amount of work involved. It is a huge amount of work to raise a litter, if done well and with the best interests of the puppies. As you said that you have not made up your mind about breeding, and are just throwing the idea around, my posts are intended to make you think seriously about the responsibility of 'making puppies' and hoped you would take them as such.

Edit to add:    If Gustav is providing you with information about your dog's pedigree, he has a wealth of knowledge about lines and dogs, gained over many years of raising, training, titling and breeding working dogs.

by joanro on 10 September 2018 - 17:09

Titles tell you nothing about the dogs personality nor how social they are with people or dogs.

You evedent you have a very good dog and the pedigree is exceptional for a working dog.
I have a dog now, decended from one of my puppies that I'm using for a stud dog. Two litters from him show me he is producing very good working dogs. If it was not for the owner of the female pup I gave them, (they are not and never intend to be breeders) they bred her one time, I would not have this very good male to pass on the genetics from her. They owned a male that had a very nice ddr/ German working dog pedigree they bred her to. So people like yourself who happen on a pup with a super pdigree are doing more good for the breed by breeding her, rather than eliminating the genetics from the gene pool. Of course, selecting an equally good male in imperative.
For that, I highly recommend you contact Gustav as he asked...he no doubt wants to assist you in finding a good stud dog and he certainly has the knowledge.


by Sunsilver on 10 September 2018 - 18:09

Yes, agree with Joan - Gustav would be the best person to advise you! He's been training working dogs since the 1970's, and has also bred them.

by susie on 10 September 2018 - 19:09

Even the best pedigree is only able to show a tendency, but not necessarily reality.
That said not every puppy, even out of top parents, will become a dog worth the term "working dog".
To be sure you need to train and compare...
No need to spay her now ( I'd wait until after at least her 2. heat cycle, she needs to be adult ), and I'd join a club, or at least a training group, be it IPO, Ringsport, SAR.
By training and competing ( health checks for at least HD and ED included) you will know way more than now.

Just have fun, decide later!

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