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by Livefree on 13 July 2017 - 19:07

Good day folks,

May I please request some input on this from all you GSD owners out there?

We are getting this puppy from a local reputable breeder.  My two children are super happy and keenly looking forward to the puppy's arrival at the end of this month.  However, I have always wanted a short haired [or a regular normal hair one] and now looking at this puppy it seems he might be a longer hair one.  The breeder is adamant and assured me that it is and will be a short coat and that it is just a puppy fuzz.  :)

Puppy right now in the pictures is six weeks old, and amongst his litter mates is the biggest at 9lbs.  His brothers from the same litter are about 7.5lbs as per the recent vet visit.  Father is a short haired [113lbs I think?] american showline purebred male, and the mother is a long coat sable.

My request to all of you viewing this is to please give me your insight whether this gorgeous little guy will grow up to be a long haired one or the regular GSD coat or?

Thank you very much for your input and time... :)

An image

An image

An image

An image


by Jenni78 on 13 July 2017 - 19:07

It would help if we could see the photos ;)

As an aside, no GSD male should weigh 130lbs. He's either morbidly obese or way outside the standard.

by Livefree on 13 July 2017 - 19:07

My apologies, was having issues with pictures. Have it fixed and uploaded now. :)
I might be wrong on the weight, around 113lb must've been what he told me. Looked to be a normal sized male GSD.

by Reliya on 13 July 2017 - 20:07

That's definitely a long coat.

A showline dog was bred to a working line dog? Do you know what the purpose of this breeding was, or did the breeder just put two dogs together?

by Livefree on 13 July 2017 - 22:07

Thank you kindly for the reply Reliya.

So definitely a LONG coat? Not even a plush or just puppy fuz at six weeks of age?

purpose of the breeding I am not sure :(. He is a breeder and does that for a living.

This is the only sable I could find and rushed but I guess I can lose my deposit And look elsewhere.

What do the rest of you think?


by Jenni78 on 13 July 2017 - 23:07

I suck at showlines,but if that were a working line pup I'd say 80/20 in favor of coated. There are really no such things as "plush" or any of the other monikers. Genetically, a dog is coated or not. That pup looks coated.

113 is better...but still......:/

What is the pedigree?
Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 13 July 2017 - 23:07

I agree. Looks like a long coat to me, and the male is still way too heavy at 113 pounds. I like my males to be under 100 pounds. The standard is somewhere around 70-90 pounds for a male. Height 24-26 inches at the withers.

by Livefree on 13 July 2017 - 23:07

Thank you jenni and fantom for the replies.

I am still learning.

My son and I both wanted a dog and jumped on this one that was advertised as CKC registered in Canada and a showline with straight back.

These are not working lines.

Breeder said they have more docile temperament thank working lines and that's what we wanted as a family dog.

But I asked him for th coat and he assured me they would not be long coat. He said doe the long coat there would have to be long hair around ears and under etc.

I thought I'd pose the question here and hope for a reply from all of you who had puppies that looked like this and how they turned out to be as adults. If perhaps a few of you could share pictures of your puppy looked like this and how it ended up being an adult?

Thank you for all the help thus far


by Jenni78 on 13 July 2017 - 23:07

Plenty of people come to me to buy a working line dog because they were sold a showline that was supposed to be calmer than a working line, but in reality, their dog lacks drive and is high energy anyway, which is a very "un fun" combination. I would not dismiss all working line dogs in favor of showlines for temperament.

Do you know the pedigree? Can you not provide it or do you not wish to? Is this a low-priced backyard bred pup or a well-bred pup? You said reputable, but that is kind of offense.

I can tell a coated pup at 2 weeks w/high confidence. After that, you have to know the lines a bit better in some of the tricky cases because puppies CAN be fluffy. The pedigree would help determine who carries what- maybe not, but it might.

See how confident the breeder is- tell them you want a guarantee they'll buy it back at what you paid for it if it turns out coated :D ! LOL

by joanro on 13 July 2017 - 23:07

Live free:  'Father is a short haired [113lbs I think?] american showline purebred male,

and the mother is a long coat sable.'

Right there ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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