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by maxpuppy99 on 20 September 2009 - 07:09

Hi everyone,

My dog's name is Max Henry and he is a two year old Jackapoo. Not a full JR, but a JR nonetheless. He is entered in the Cutest Dog Competition online and I am asking for you to please vote for him.

Max Henry was rescued from the streets at 3 months old, covered in burns, losing fur, and with bad skin allergies. At 5 months he was sent to another rescue shelter and then adopted his first day out of the shelter. He is now a smart (he knows at least 18 tricks), loving, cuddle-bug of a dog. He is a happy little guy and love to play as much as possible (unless sleeping is an option, of course). So please, vote for Max Henry as the cutest dog.

Thank you!


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