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Italian Greyhound

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The History

Nagrom Poesia born on Apr 20, 1961
CH Nagrom Poesia
Tentyra Senusret born on May 12, 1971
UKCH Tentyra Senusret

Sample photo gallery


7 Photo Galleries

Sample Italian Greyhound pedigrees

Sophia des Pitchoun Diables
Tigre Noir Du Manoir des Ombreuses
Neptune Mio Bello Vincitore (Sans Affixe)
Traviata des Princes de Kazan
Secret D'Amour Du Domaine De Chanteloup
Nomen Nescio Des Trois Pyramides
Soltar's Snow Girl Bella
Thésée du Domaine de Chanteloup
San Bianco Lordano
Bridget Jones des Princes de Minos
Saïs des Pitchoun Diables
Kafiristan's Fidelio
Tamoretta Titanessa
Bee des Princes de Kazan
Nil de Shirkan

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