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 STOLEN! BIKO (male, ca 8YO) GEESTEREN NETHERLANDS Feb. 21 2018Stolen Pets2420 
 WARNING: Do not buy a puppy from Shady Lanes in Spooner, WIpilze03248525.1 years ago by mslac55 >> (goto)
 Don't go to shady lanemcfarlanderr2282925.7 years ago by hexe >> (goto)
 Be careful if you buy a puppy from Shady Lane Ranch in Spooner WIlovemypuppy2599236.1 years ago by lovemypuppy >> (goto)
 Golden Breeders of ThailandBig B2988716.6 years ago by mumbil >> (goto)
 Help! Masticatory Muscle Myositis) - the shrunken head muscles. 72101949416.7 years ago by 7210 >> (goto)
 Heartworm Positive Golden Retriever Needs HelpJack Sherck1654916.8 years ago by kacey >> (goto)
 We do not recommend puppies from Shady Lane in Spooner WI!Disappointed with Shady Lane3416816.9 years ago by bkmoorthy >> (goto)
 Dog submissionProfessor Sarah Bellum1749037.2 years ago by Professor Sarah Bellum >> (goto)
 Seeking SAR/Cadaver Candidate Golden.ZVZW1944517.3 years ago by kacey >> (goto)
 Video of On and Off leash obedienceAm Virk167990 
 "European Creme" Golden Retrieversshepherdmom2407728.3 years ago by GSDSRULE >> (goto)
 Narcotics or bomb dogJyl1847929.4 years ago by TangoCharlie >> (goto)
 Breeders, Place Free Permanent Link Kerschberger173630 

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