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by BrucesMomma on 16 January 2018 - 19:01

I know this is a dumb question to most but I was wondering about different titles and events I could do and/or train for.??

One year ago I found my first GSD puppy, he is really my first dog ( I know first dog, not good ). I have read and researched for years and I have always wanted a GSD, I planned on do some kind of event but I didn't know what. I read about the odd looking sport of Schhutzhund and fell in love! My boy is pretty obedient and absolutely loves " Find It ". This past fall I got to put him on a blood trail of a deer. It was very thick woods, downhill and about 50-60 yards. He found it in less than 6 minutes. I would love to hear about anything you have in mind , I'm 15 and live in The Blueridge Mountains of North Carolina.

by ValK on 16 January 2018 - 20:01

that's perhaps most delighfull question on this board.
first dog doesn't mean bad dog. everyone at some point had their first dog :)
sadly i'm too far from your location to be any practical help but i hope someone with experience in dog handling does lives near you and you can band together for cooperation. good luck to you and your dog.

by BrucesMomma on 16 January 2018 - 20:01

Thank You So Much!

by Jessejones on 16 January 2018 - 22:01

The first dog is often the dog of your heart that you will remember your whole life. Hopefully you will find a club or a mentor in your area. If not, there are some good free videos on YouTube, or, if you can spend some money, I like the Micheal Ellis videos like for basic obedience. Every sport starts with knowing the basics already. You can practice everything in your back yard. Welcome to the wonderful world of dogs...once you get bit by the bug, it will fascinate you always. Dogs are truly our best friends.


by Cutaway on 30 January 2018 - 01:01

@BrucesMomma -

As others have said, first dog does not mean 'bad dog' although it does mean Learning Dog... This dog can teach you so much about building a two way relationship with another living being and how to be fair, honest and consistent (this was the hardest for me). Most of all, you have the potential with your dog to truly learn what it means to be a "partner" whether it be in sport (dock diving, barn hunt, herding, Schutzhund, ect...) or just playing games with one another outside in which you can teach him positions (like: Sit, down, stand...) in both static and while your dog is in movement. there are great videos out on YouTube with Michael Ellis, Dave Kroyer, Forest Mickie Another great site for Training DVD's is BowWowFlix which is kind of like Netflix accept they do not offer streaming :( 

Schutzhund is a ton of fun but its not for everyone, so continue to be open minded in your exploration of what you can do with your k9. If you can, try to make your way to some of the Big Box PetStores such as Pet Smart or PetCo and ask the trainers there if they know of any dog clubs in your area or any Search and Rescue groups or Hunt Groups.


Hope some of this info is useful and good luck with your guy!!! And remember, above all else its about your two's relationship


Here is a list of Schutzhund/IPO Clubs in NC. Not sure if any would be close to you???

Asheville Working Dog Club
Todd Slepakoff
Weaverville, NC
(828) 777-3471
Black River IPO Club
Dawn Flood
Angier, NC
(919) 417-8708
Coastal Carolina SchH Club
Patricia S Baysden
Hubert, NC
(910) 545-7924
Fayetteville Schutzhund Club
Arthur Collins
Dunn, NC
(910) 658-6670
Jacksonville Schutzhund Club
James L Bougie
Hubert, NC
(910) 382-7463
Metrolina Hundesport Club
Jeffrey T Rentz
Wingate, NC
(704) 221-7375
Piedmont Schutzhund Club
Richard Shook
Claremont, NC
(828) 315-1329
Raleigh Schutzhund Association
Derek Falzarano
Creedmoor, NC
(919) 808-2739
Twin Beech Schutzhund Club
Bev Roberts
Stoney Point, NC
(828) 461-0037
Sandhills Working Dog Club
Aleashia Hernandez
Lillington, NC
(336) 480-8379


German Shepherd Dog Clob of America Clubs in NC, agian not sure of thier location to you

GSDC of Greater Charlotte (North Carolina)
President: Doris Herbert
Phone:  704-545-5131
Email: email Doris Herbert
GSDC of Greater Raleigh (North Carolina)
President: Ellen Ransom
Corr. Sec: Deeda Duncan
Phone: 919-757-2975
Phone: 919-779-7841


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