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by MACK GORDON on 01 March 2017 - 18:03

With so many brokers, and exporters of the french bulldog world, I think it's time we step in and save our breed. There's very few Frenchies on the data base, and most times the breeders don't bother to register their Frenchies on the database. I also breed American Bulldogs, but that's a market that is flooded on the database, and everyone is breeding American Bulldogs for a very low price. The dogs aren't healthy, and in a lot of cases the papers are hung. We French Bulldog owners have the chance to be trend setters, standard keepers, and set ourselves in a league of our own. I don't like the way brokers get pups, and I think it's disgusting what they have to go through to even arrive here in the U.S. They search overseas for breeders selling entire litters or more from $2k-$7k depending on color and selling the pups in the states for that price for each puppy. They get 6-8 pups for the price they sell one for. So now it's a market where the pups are overpriced, and we don't truly know the ancestory of the pups. I know we all have exotic taste, but the colors that are so high priced, are actually the pups that have disorders, and produce deaf and blind pups. I know this to be a fact, because I almost became a broker, but once I found out what was going on I got disgusted. I couldn't believe they were putting pups through this and I wanted no parts of it after I found out. It's a real secret society out there. You have to really know someone to get them to tell you how they get the pups. It's not about making a ton of money, because I'd give my pups away personally, but the bad quality pups that are being sold, and the constant breeding of these bad pups is going to destroy the breed. I watched them destroy the American Bulldog breed, I refuse to sit back and let them do it to the French Bulldog as well.

by Hundmutter on 01 March 2017 - 22:03

Good for you,for feeling that way and trying to do something about it. Here in the UK we have seen a swelling of numbers re Frenchies; there is always a problem with over-production when any breed gets very popular for a while. Best of luck to you.

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