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by yogidog on 09 April 2020 - 11:04

I have sold dogs with good obedience and imprint of good bite work and have had a good knowledge of nose work. With very good environmental done all before 8 months and have go t more than 3000 dollars. I'd be charging 1, 500 for a pup. So how people can think they can buy a fully trained dog for 3 grand shows a lack of knowledge.

by ValK on 09 April 2020 - 12:04

Linda, i much agree with your guess in regard of "wanted here, replicating the OP's old dog".
most likely it was dog with pretty good bond to owner, instinct to guard own territory and yet to be killed natural urge to protect a master.
it's just a good specimen of good watchdog but doesn't mean dog been one, trained or even suitable for PPD role.

by Centurian on 09 April 2020 - 13:04

Hundmutter and Valk Niiiice commentaries.

Yogi - without a doubt at leasssst $ 3000 . To give little more perspective on " Price " : In my region of the USA and other regions that I have come across , a showline puppy , again a puppy , is frequently sold for minumum $5000 . And ... these show line pups that I have just recently seen by people that came to me for training - they did not even have the pizzazz to do Schutzhund !! Yes , they would bite , bite a tug , like a golden retr. biting a frisbee. Now I am not putting down the puppy , my intention is not to compare GSs , but to emphasize and highlight : For a dog that will protect you and family , however one describes or caregorizes that protection and that type of dog , whether trained or natural capability ... just contemplate paying a prety penny for it ! I mean well over 10K or 15K . Also any professional breeder seelling of a these kinds of dogs ,or a a puppy with this bent , or any professional selling even a partially trained young adult dog with this proclivity who knows what they are doing will not sell you this kind of dog for a few thusand bucks. Expect to pay a lot of money for , thousaaaaaands for a dog like this , if you git a dog to fit the tasks and bill.

The other comment I make .. A lot of people had asked me for a dog like this in the past. What I have found , and I have found this to be true of people who have had GS in the past in their life : They have no idea what it takes whithin the dog for this , they have no idea the training that goes into this [ formal or informal ] . Many people want a dog and think just because - the dog will just take care of everything- again just because . Thy put out of mind , the personal role and responsibillity they must have , they must play , in having a dog like this. Now this is not directed at the OP - let me make that exceptionally clear. I don't know the OP . But I have had enough people come to me about this topic which lends me to say " be careful for what you wish for because you just might get what you want [ and more than you bargain for ] . I have had people more than once say to me either train my dog literally to protect me or " please get me a dog that will protect , NAME YOU PRICE". Buyer Beware . I know someone who 1.4 years ago got a Cane Corso ... Well , as I predicted I got a call for help . Dog was taken to OB school in the previous months . But now the owner/dog has quite an aggressive problem . So my point : you may pay a high monetary price for a dog that is asked for , but you may also pay another price also, one way or another too . Aside for the $ price you may pay , which will be substantial , consider other substantial prices you pay for a dog of this caliber , if you are a casual general reader reading this thread ... Cave Canum [ Latin ]!


by yogidog on 09 April 2020 - 14:04

I think a dog that the op is looking for can only in printed with alot of the working abilities now not them all but some because imo some will only come with the dogs maturity. I'm not directing this at the op just what iv see myself. A dog has to fully understand his job his drive and his nerves to have such control of himself and that comes with maturity. You can train all this with an ecolar or other methods to get a quick response and have a dog that appears to have control of himself but I gaurtee it will fail eventually. A pp dog is a dangerous dog if not given the time it needs to mature also if correction are not fair you have a big problem from the start. If you rush the training well then corrections con not be fair.. I'm not talking about a sleeve bitter I'm talking real pp dog and I believe only a certain amount of members know this kind of dog. You can read posts and very easy to distinguish who is who. Then you have a few honest people here that will tell you the know the other kind of dog the pet the sleeve bitter and they are the ones I respect

by Centurian on 09 April 2020 - 15:04

Yogi , Yes , you are correct !! To add -if you don't know what you are doing or understand this avenue , and you take a dog with this bent and potential to protect , you will make a basket case out of the dog !! There is much about the dog that goes hand in hand with maturity . How can I shed some light on what Yogi stated : One aspect I will address that is related to maturity of the dog .

All puppies have to go through a Normal** Healthy socialization process and time period . Then ... with the onset of maturity , at a certain point in the maturation and in  the teaching processe  , do we elect to effect and affect the dog's suspicion level . You don't start , with a 7 , 10 , 12 , 20  week , 6 month etc . etc week  puppy placing that repsonsibility onto the pup to be suspicious of everybody/human ! There is a certain time that is correct for a dog to change the susicion level and   you have the experience and ability to recognize  when  the dog is mature enough and ready . There comes a certain time and place within the maturity process and the dog's teaching whereby we start to change this ' way of looking at people ' within the dog . To repeat - " increasing a dog's suspicion level " has to be based on and predicated on  , as I wrote , a normal healthy intitial socialization process . There are also other features that go in line with maturity that Yogi rightly  so points out. .

by NatureDragon on 11 April 2020 - 13:04

This one is only 3500 as advertised, and looks like a cow in the background so probably good with livestock too

by ThatWasClose on 11 April 2020 - 20:04

Thank you for being kind enough to point this dog out.

by ThatWasClose on 11 April 2020 - 20:04

Thank you for being kind enough to point this dog out.


by emoryg on 11 April 2020 - 20:04

Dang, I just sold a female two weeks ago that would have been a perfect fit. She loved her cows.

by ThatWasClose on 12 April 2020 - 16:04

Too bad I did not post sooner.

A new dog that already understands that horses & cows do in fact exist, & that they are not big play toys, would be a tremendous bonus. Saves on the learning curve & from (possibly) being kicked. Bet most of ya'll don't know a cow can kick sideways too.

I have plenty of Catahoula's & Cur's out at the ranch to work cows. (I keep my retirees.)  It will not be the job of the new dog to work cows, nor to bother other dogs doing their job.

They will have a pretty cush life as a house dog. Running around the yard playing chase with the house Cur & little fluffy dog. I even have a dog fort. Mainly so fluffy dog can be at face height for play battles. Bummer being the little guy always being held down from above. It is a great place to hang out in the shade and keep watch over their kingdom. The new dog will get to go everywhere with me; especially when I seek out the ever so elusive & coveted rolls of toilet paper.


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