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    Missy & Jim


    , New York
    United States

    Doberman Fields'


    Our family is committed to producing only the BEST Doberman Puppies for only the BEST Doberman homes. Our passion and drive is for the TOTAL Doberman; protection, preservation AND the betterment of the entire breed for today AND tomorrow. Titles and Champion bloodlines are worthless if that bloodline is tainted with genetic issues and young deaths. A beautiful, well stacked, perfectly comforting Doberman that is produced by untested and sickly parents is doomed to leave our hearts broken FAR too soon. A pup from FULLY health tested parents and Longevity in their pedigrees that lacks the proper temperament of our breed is equally detrimental to our Dobermans' future! We have and will continue to made EVERY effort humanly possible to ensure that our Dobermans are TOTAL Dobermans, healthy, proper temperaments and within AKC, UKC, and DPCA Standard size and looks.

    Doberman Fields'

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