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by Teckellust on 23 February 2011 - 17:02

Hi, folks.
   If anyone is researching the v. Marienlust lines ( as I am ), here is a link to Alice's pedigree:

by Hkutt on 26 March 2011 - 22:03

Most of the dogs shown on the lineage through P@wvillage are  from my Great Aunt's kennel...Vera, Zep Leutnant, Friede....She was Maria M. Mehrer, owner of Marienlust Kennels ., West Hempstead, NY. I may have information and/or pictures from the 1950's & 60's of some of the dogs.

by Teckellust on 19 April 2011 - 19:04

Good morning!
     This is the first time I've gotten back to my original post about the v Marienlust Teckels.  I was so tickled to see your post!
     What a complete honor it is to be able to write to a Mehrer descendant!  I think the v Luitpoldsheim line that began the illustrious Marienlust line ( and consequent White Gables, et al ) must've been really something.  I wish people were still breeding the Marienlust "type" now.  When I saw my first photo of Favorite, 20 years ago, my heart raced as I looked at his conformation. Thus began my research.  There weren't any computers up and running back then, so all I had were books in which to look.  The older Milo Denlinger "The Complete Dachshund" books from the 1940s had some listed in the show winners from various years, so that began my list.  I've looked at the Pedigree site and the DCA site, and have a ton of pages printed now ( 89 v Marienlusts ), some with photos ( Gunther, Cavalier,Meteor, Waverly, Favorite, Aristo, Cinderella, Direct, Steve, and Candidate and a son in a dogfood ad) , most with family trees ( missing Cid, Taffy, and Candidate ), and most with AKC registration numbers.  I wrote to AKC a few months ago asking for archive information, and they haven't deigned to write back to me as yet. 
     Would it be possible to privately E-mail you and talk more about these marvelous and sadly-missed ( by ME, anyway ..... ) Dachshunds?  My E-mail address is  If you'd rather not, I respect your privacy and your guarding of the Marienlust line.  :o)
Most respectfully,
Sher Bechtold 


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