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by barbemac on 19 February 2008 - 05:02

I have asked the owner of this website, as well as the person who submitted information with no right to do so, to remove the page on this website on a longhair Dachshund "Barbemac American Dream at DH" .  This dog was not and will not be registered with that name; the person who submitted the information did not have my permission, as she does not and will not own the dog.  So far my requests (four of them) to have the page removed have been ignored, directed both at the owner of this website and the person who submitted the information.  I wish to state right now that the information pertaining to this dog is incorrect, for the record.  If someone can give me another way to contact the owner of this website, I would appreciate it, as four e-mails to him/her have been ignored.

Mary Sue Barnum, Barbemac Miniature Longhairs

bun bun

by bun bun on 20 February 2008 - 20:02

I can't help with removing the dog from this site, but you can change the dogs information ot the correct  name and registration number.

i do not see any problem with having a dogs picture and pedigree on this site, it just for fun, recording pedigrees and sharing pictures. Its a very nice database and nothing more.



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