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by Billthedog on 17 April 2020 - 09:04

We live in an area that most people refer to as a remote area. We don't have any clubs or trainers within a reasonable driving distance. Does anyone recommend videos or reading material that could help us train our GSD toward her first confirmation or SCHH1 title? I have searched the past forums and discussions seem to get into the weeds quickly.

Thanks for your time.


by Koots on 17 April 2020 - 11:04

You can find lots of training materials online, but you cannot fully train the protection portion by yourself and will need a helper for this. You can do the foundation for protection but there will come a time you'll need that helper. If you want to share the general area you are in, someone may know a group of people who are training schutzhund in that area. I drive 3 hrs minimum (in good weather) to train with my group.

For online learning, a couple names that come up regularly are Michael Ellis & Ivan Balabanov. There are also many books on the subject. Lots of FB groups to join for information and advice (IGP Handlers; Training without conflict just to name a few). Depending on your dog training experience, you may need a little or a lot of help to attain your training goals, but you WILL need someone else at some time before being able to trial.


by Billthedog on 17 April 2020 - 11:04

Thank You for the information. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Driving downstate or over to Wisconsin will usually require about the same type of drive for myself.

by justde on 17 April 2020 - 15:04

Where abouts in the UP? We have a club that meets in Hazelhurst, WI. Our club secretary lives in Iron Mtn. MI. Her drive is a little over 2 hrs.


by Billthedog on 18 April 2020 - 10:04

Google maps shows about 4-1/2 hour drive. So far, that would be the closest club. I found it on the USCA website. I'll get in touch with them.

In past training that I've done, not dog related, we have always been concerned about recency of training and experience. How often should I be meeting at the club to keep the dog fresh?

by justde on 18 April 2020 - 11:04

Bill, are you referring to my club...O.G. Inselstadt in Hazelhurst, WI? There's also a great club in Black Creek, WI just north of Appleton. I don't know how far that is relative to you.

We meet once a week, sometimes twice in good weather.  Sadly driving distance is a given in this area. Some people have come 2 times/month.  Alot of your success depends on what you do at home, but keep in mind with

 limited time with someone else to help you, bad training could become ingrained. 


by Billthedog on 18 April 2020 - 12:04

Yes, the O.G. in Hazelhurst, Wi. The Black Creek club is a bit further drive.

With the economy where it currently is, I'm being told by my company, I should have more time at home this year.

The dog is just over a year old and showing a great will to please. I would like to see where we can take this. The wife and kids are all onboard to make sure the dog continues proper training. Not to confuse or hinder any training progress.

I am new to this and trying to educate myself as much as possible on the Schutzhund/working GSD training.

Thanks for the club information. As you may know, the U.P. gets left off maps. Many times Wisconsin is closer than the Detroit or Flint Suburbs.

Q Man

by Q Man on 18 April 2020 - 13:04

As you gain Knowledge and Experience you can do a lot of training on your own...Especially the Obedience and Tracking...but it still helps to have others around to help with certain things like even just having others on the Training Field while you work your dog...As for Protection you can do some things but mainly need a "Helper" to progress...
As for how often you need to attend a club/group to progress...The more you go and the more you work your dog the faster or slower you'll progress...It's up to you and your schedule...



by Rik on 18 April 2020 - 13:04

not going to offer any advice on how to title. not my experience.

I will add that a good friend/associate and sometimes handler of mine who lives in a very remote area of the U.S. titled 3 GSD that I know of, never belonged to a club, did 95-99% of the work at home, him and his wife.

he would make arrangements to attend whatever club he was going to trial at for a few times in advance of the trial and do bite work with helper.

he was very, very experienced in GSD, SV, AKC and knowledge of training/tracking.

I'm just saying all that to say this, it can be done even if there is no club. just depends on the person/dog/dedication.



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