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by gsilas on 02 July 2020 - 12:07

Has anyone worked with this dog or familiar with any of his offspring? How would you describe them? I’ve noticed him in a few breedings recently and I’m curious what people think of him.



by KastleBlackK9 on 04 July 2020 - 19:07

Very Chris like dog. Good build, high energy, huge grips, excellent pigment, just a work horse. I had a daughter from him and have worked a few offspring from other females.. the only issue I've ever seen was kennel/crate neurotic behaviors. Elroy was at WDC in Massachusetts with a bulbed tail, and the underside was balded pretty good, and the daughter i had was neurotic in the crate. Not sure where it comes from, and maybe elroy isn't that way, and there was another reason for the tail.

by gsilas on 05 July 2020 - 23:07

Thank you for the information. I’ve heard good things about his work, but I couldn’t find any good videos of him. I think that’s pretty good info.


by Jyl on 06 July 2020 - 23:07

I would contact John Riboni as he is the current owner of Elroy.


A friend of mine just bred her female to Elroy, the litter is due in about 2 weeks.

by Pirschgang on 08 July 2020 - 10:07


Post the pedigrees of the females.

by JRib on 19 July 2020 - 17:07

google Elroy Barnero. Multiple videos


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