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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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The History

Kentwood Dewin born on Sep 13, 1948
CH Kentwood Dewin
Kentwood Brenin born on Feb 03, 1961
Kentwood Brenin

Sample photo gallery


4 Photo Galleries

Sample Cardigan Welsh Corgi pedigrees

Flanagen Em v.d.Bockmühle
Aethwy Irsen
Zamok Svyatogo Angela Pilgrim
Geestland's Done for Newcard
Darynka Haus Wityk
Zircon's Bobby Socks
Hedgerow Cariad Taylor Made
Kentwood Cymro
Copperleaf Mari Gold
Kentwood Arnallt
Mandastamm Ballyhoo
Aragorn's Silver Sequel
Aragorn's Swansea Galadriel

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