5 generation long pedigree for AM CAN CH Bullstock's Aengus Scott

Pedigree Database

Qvido Vepeden (2X WUSV Champ)Son 20 Months old
Male for sale

FCI Long Coat Import Male
Male for sale

For Sale- High Level IPO III competition male
Male for sale

Pedigree for

AM CAN CH Bullstock's Aengus Scott

AM CAN CH Knatchbull's Saxon 5th Avenue

Banstock Streak of Happylegs

AM CH HappyLegs BoomerangOFA-GOOD
GOLD ROM, BIS, AMCH Leatherneck Bit of HappyLegs OFA-GOOD
AKC/WP443446/05 03
SILVER ROM, AM CH HappyLegs Luke of Hartford
CH (AKC) Cheers Better Up the Ante GOLD ROM, CD
CH HappyLegs Full Moon MaxineHappyLegs CB Londer
CH HappyLegs Levi's Genes
CH HappyLegs Winniepoo BanstockCH Avonlea Storybook GoodfellaROM
CH (AKC) Allstars Mugsy Malone ROM
AKC/WP315810/01 08-92
Banstock Paige Of Shady Oak
CH Shady Oak Spot of HappyLegsCH Briarts Solar Power
CH Banstock Shady Oak Happylegs
CAN CH Knatchbull's Raz Bindi

AM CAN CH Onan of KnatchbullCH Windridge Emeralgreen with NVGOLD ROM, CH (US) Blackslates Boston Brahmin
Halocrest Diamond in the Rough
CAN CH Mistress Teazle of KnatchbullCAN CH Moshoes Zeke of Knatchbull
CAN CH La Roux de Nuit of Knatchbull
Rumblinpawz Sudden Storm
Knatchbull's Mister WorfWindridge's Thief of Hearts
CAN CH La Roux de Nuit of Knatchbull
Knatchbull's KhaylarWynston Of Knatchbull
CAN CH La Roux de Nuit of Knatchbull
CH Bullstock's AVA Marie

AM CAN CH Garroway N Sagehill's Reubon

AM CAN CH RoxEdge's High Fly'N NortonCH (US/CAN) Dox Spear Of Loki
CH (CAN) Dox Shatrugo Lancaster ROM
CH (US/CAN) Dox Ruby My Dear Blackslate
CAN CH Karisoke's Curious HannaCAN CH Shayla's Zachary At Garroway
CAN CH Karisoke's Angel Eyes
CAN CH Garroway's Amber ZunahAM CH Kilroy's Postcard From BostonCh. Blackslates Action Jackson
CH Praetorian Murphy's Law
Shayla's Zapphire Of GarrowayCAN CH Khalsa's KO Kasmir
CAN CH Shayla's Tabitha
CAN CH Bullstock's Dolly Llama

AM CAN CH Hainlands Gabriele DiArcangelo BISS, BVIS, ROM, CGC, TDI
CH Guardman's Spencer For Hire ROM
CH (AKC) Allstars Mugsy Malone ROM
AKC/WP315810/01 08-92
CH Meghan The Guardman's Punch ROM
Hainlands Lookout IndianaCH (USA) Ladybug's Whiskey Mac
Ch. Ladybug's Ginger Snaps
CAN CH Bullstocks Karma of BullspiritCAN CH Bullstock Tucker of KnatchbullKnatchbull's Mister Worf
Knatchbull's Abby Gal Of Olavi
CAN CH Lady Face of the Forrest RangersCAN CH Termineter Vom Frakental
Nighthawk Scarlett Knatchbull

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