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Tutorial Page Admins Are Now Enforcing Rules for Entering Dogs in PDBGSDHeritage3161914 hours ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog 2019 WUSV WM in Modena videos - pages | 2| Irina Kuznetsova740116 hours ago by emoryg >> (goto)
Main What can you tell me about this planned litterxPyrotechnic124357 hours ago by xPyrotechnic >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog The German Sieger Show 2019 - pages | ..... | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | Mackenzie224063169 hours ago by Irina Kuznetsova >> (goto)
Main thoughts on this plan for USA breedersduke1965551511 hours ago by ValK >> (goto)
Scams / Ripoff reports Ripped off by Marko Vujakovicmike8172707826 hours ago by mike817 >> (goto)
German Shepherd Dog Embark DNA testing?SitasMom362433 hours ago by Koots >> (goto)
Scams / Ripoff reports Aleksander Vom FANINO - pages | 2| toddsterr4484471634 hours ago by MKGermanShepherds >> (goto)
Main So sad - pages | 2| 3| jettasmom38382337 hours ago by Q Man >> (goto)
Sport/working Enthusiasts Reckless Aggression , where does it comme from, and which lines are known to pass it down? - pages | ..... | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | K9L11466514641 hours ago by duke1965 >> (goto)
Main Input pleasejettasmom8810 
Dutch Shepherd BRN NumberK9Hawk1770 
Tutorial Page AKC Members Entering Dog PedigreesGSDHeritage2997113 days ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
Main PrevicoxCrickett96913 days ago by Spruell >> (goto)
Scams / Ripoff reports BEWARE OF MAJORUV HAJ (Admin edit..Breeder refunded, matter resolved.) - pages | 2| Miller5742657103 days ago by TIG >> (goto)
Main Yvonne Hecht out of hospitalyhecht63243 days ago by Gustav >> (goto)
Main Gringo ja na kaduke1965174083 days ago by duke1965 >> (goto)
Main Line breeding on Pike del Lupo Neroadb656997816 days ago by apple >> (goto)
Main Does aus dem Tempel Ceres still breedxPyrotechnic124957 days ago by Kelly M Shaw >> (goto)

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