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by JRadtke on 07 June 2019 - 16:06

Hello, I currently have a deposit it for a litter of puppies with the below parents. They will be ready to go to their new homes in 3 weeks.

However, it has come to my attention that the same breeder will be having a different litter in the next month or two that I may like the outcome of more. This litter will be significantly more expensive and appears, to my inexperienced eyes, to be of a better pedigree. I expect that a pup from this litter will cost $750-1000 more.

Should I wait and pay the extra for the other litter? Or should I stick with the litter that I have already made a deposit on? I should have the ability to transfer my deposit to the other litter.

Thanks for your time! I really can't decide!



by TIG on 07 June 2019 - 17:06

Is this your first shepherd? What do you intend for this dog? What role will it have in your life? What training do you hope to do -if any - and what kind of time do you have available for that? What made you choose this breeder and the litter you have a deposit on in the first place?

If you answer these people can give you a better answer.

by JRadtke on 07 June 2019 - 17:06

Yes, this would be my first shepherd. I have had several family members who have had them. At first I was mostly looking for a pet; however, over the past 5 weeks I have been doing much more research on the breed and different dog sports. The more I see about them the more fun and appealing they look. I would be able to spend quality time with my dog that drove towards a particular purpose. I have family that works from home and on board with working on training with me. Rally obedience and agility both look particularly fun. I'm also interested in doing therapy dog training. I have picked out a trainer to start towards getting the CGC title.

Ultimately, I suspect that both litters of puppies would fulfill my current goals of ownership. If I wanted to compete in conformation shows, however, the second litter looks more promising I believe. Given that owning a dog is a decade plus commitment, I don't know if I will eventually want to compete in dog shows or not. I suppose that if I do decide 4-5 years down the line that I wanted to then I could always look at adding to my family later.


by Hundmutter on 07 June 2019 - 19:06

Yes - if you fancy going the Agility and/or Rally route etc, it might prove a bit much to organise to compete in conformation shows as well, depending on how much time and money you have to spare ! Some people seem to manage multiple commitments with their dog(s), but I suspect they are often prepared to give up a good deal else in their life, and are usually further down the line in dog ownership than their first one.

Its also useful to remember that success in Showing depends on quite a few factors not perhaps obvious to the casual eye, you don't just rock up with an older dog and hope for it to be placed. Most people start from the earliest opportunity, generally 6 months of age; and there is Ring Training for example to take into consideration, most dogs do not naturally behave with perfect manners and decorum in the Show Ring, or present themselves naturally to see the best of them, without some specific training for that.


by Hundmutter on 07 June 2019 - 19:06

Purely a personal opinion but I'd be inclined to pay the extra bit and go for the pup from Litter #2; I'm something of a Zamp fan, but its also because there seems to be more info available re hips etc than on the dam's side of #1. But are you sure the second litter will have some coaties in it, assuming from your title that L/Cs are your preference ?

I agree the 2nd lot look potentially better Show prospects [with the caveats that: 1) all puppies are a crap shoot and 2) long coats are still not the easiest dogs to actually win anything with ! ]

Congratulations on your grasp of the issues you've raised, you are clearly someone who has done some research into your chosen breed before purchase.  Always refreshing to hear, welcome to the Forum !

by old shatterhand on 07 June 2019 - 20:06

I don't see any show prospects from both litters. Many those dogs don't have any hips nor elbows rating, which is a red flag. I would not recommend to buy any of these puppies.

by Nans gsd on 08 June 2019 - 00:06

Can someone give me a clickable link? Thx

by hexe on 08 June 2019 - 01:06

Of the two, I find the first litter to be more to my liking--it's a working/show line cross, and the Trienzbachtal dogs always had a good reputation for their character and working ability. From the looks of it, both of these litters are via AI with frozen semen--which means the second litter might not even come to fruition, if it's not due for a month or two--gestation is only 9 weeks, after all, so the dam can't be very far along in the pregnancy.

The Trienzbachtal dog is old lines, comparatively, when there wasn't as much separating a good show line dog from a good working line dog with regard to structure. I think the first litter should produce a more athletic dog...but that's just my opinion. In the end, you have to live with the dog, not me, so choose carefully!

by Nans gsd on 08 June 2019 - 16:06

Personally I would not buy from a pedigree. I would go and see both litters; pick the puppy then. and if you are even thinking about showing in conformation you need to pick a puppy that is the "style" that is currently winning now in the show ring' you could say the "flavor" of the day and time. Sad but true. In general the second pedigree has more famous and well known dogs in it but again you have to buy what you think you want to work with for any venue. Also if at all possible see both parents of both litters. Good luck. When and if you get to see puppies/litters we can maybe help by looking at puppies pictures.

by Centurian on 09 June 2019 - 16:06

The best help that anyone can give to you is to tell you : your thinking procerss is all wrong. I can accurately say that because you are thinking of in repsects two entirely litters form two entirely different mating pair bents/genetics.

Ok , you made up your mind that a GS is the breed dog for you . Now you have to be homest with yourself and decide Exactly what you want from ta dog , for you cannot have it all . Either your bent is shwline to have a more subdued managble GS to perhaps show or you want the dog for sport, or some other perfromance avenue. You gave to decide then find the mating pairs, the breeding that will START to bring you to that decision. At that point you also have to decide what attribute that you want in the dog .

Working line : do you want a dog with some independence and if so to what degree ? Do you want a dog that has natural retrieve instinct ? Do you want a dog with high social quota , or a dog with the affinity to come to you easily and has the bent to be more . Do you want a more submissive dog that maybe will excel in OB trials ? Do you want a dog that shows that it has a good nose for scent performance avenues ?

Show line : does the dog have the top line , the angualtion , the head , the structure , pigment , corrrect set and # teeth , correct jaw relation , super movement ... and more considerations.

Having stated all that ... the one that has given the best advice to you is Nans gsd . Because once you pick the mating pair , and a litter..... [ keep in mind a pedigree is only a guide at that ], THE ONLY facoter that matters after that is the puppy itself . Although the parents must have the genetics present in order to pass them on to the progeny , it is not a given that the progeny will be LIKE the parents , they can be genotypically and phenotypically , but it is not a given . Not all working line GS throw good/capable WL pups for what people may want and also SL , not all SL , even VA rated SL , produce superb show prospects. Nan has given the best advice you could possibly ever get . The parents are not the most important feature , important yes , but not the most important - the actual puppy itself is THE most important consideration . .

Then on the other hand, I have met countless people simply just want a GS and they don't care for they are simply happy with any ol' GS ..

My suggetion to you is to get your thinking clear because you will not be able to make a decision that you will be happy about without regrets .


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