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 hello my name is john, i can hold the black sable for a few days I live in hemetvon ximen310418.1 years ago by von ximen >> (goto)
 Handsome male at Carson Facility3Shep2338718.1 years ago by 3Shep2 >> (goto)
 Purebred or Not? - pages | 2| 3| Sunsilver14750218.1 years ago by PINERIDGE >> (goto)
 Soldierklynne32786816718.1 years ago by klynne32786 >> (goto)
 Can Help Out Very Special Needs GSDs in need, SCFurweed450898.1 years ago by Eldee >> (goto)
 Two PB GSDs at Gaston County Kill Shelter. - pages | 2| firewife60335612118.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 2 PB Rome Floyd AC Georgia- both YOUNG! Bat ears and knobs on kneesmarjorie484518.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 Gorgeous skinny female and her pup at Cleveland County NC shelterfirewife6033322928.1 years ago by firewife6033 >> (goto)
 Yet another western North Carolina GSD (Rutherford)KellyJ414838.1 years ago by firewife6033 >> (goto)
 very friendly dobe and a rottweiler at animal shelter- van buren mivandykan340018.1 years ago by vandykan >> (goto)
 Beautiful sable female in Gastonia NC kill shelter!!! She has 4 days to get out! - pages | 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| KellyJ62860758.1 years ago by ShelleyR >> (goto)
 Conroe, Texas Adult Female Shepherd3Shep2383368.1 years ago by 3Shep2 >> (goto)
 Link to Transport Resourcesmarjorie375818.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 North Carolina 8-9 Yr Sr F: Euth Date Wednesday!marjorie386598.1 years ago by firewife6033 >> (goto)
 Fl, Miami CODE RED/EX URGENT? Mal? GSD? 8 month Fmarjorie347948.1 years ago by starrchar >> (goto)
 Pretty sable puppy in Miami DadeShelleyR440928.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 CA, Baldwin Park Blind 13 Yr Old SR URGENT!marjorie336538.1 years ago by Sunsilver >> (goto)
 Senior White Shepherd/Mix La Porte Texas3Shep2397738.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 Transport Coordinator and reference checker needed for PDB Rescue Teammarjorie301468.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)
 Mount Holly, NJ 5 Yr Old White M GSD Special Needs: EPI Calm/Well Behavedmarjorie374718.1 years ago by marjorie >> (goto)


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