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by GSCat on 19 January 2024 - 21:01

If someone may try to steal a particular dog, is there some way to alert airlines, bus lines, trains, etc., and border (both U.S. and Canadian sides) ahead of time so the dog can't be removed from the country if stolen? Is there some way to lock down AKC registration or create an alert so the ownership cannot be transferred or changed?

Thank you, in advance.

by Bic62013 on 21 January 2024 - 01:01

If you have a microchip I believe it can be reported to the registry so ever it is scanned by a vet or animal control or whoever it will show up as missing/stolen. Check with your microchip provider.

by GSCat on 22 January 2024 - 02:01

@Bic62013 -

Thank you for the suggestion.

My dog hasn't been stolen, but I'm concerned that a particular person(s) might do so (and have ample reason to think so). It seems to me that reporting a dog stolen before it happens might be a no-no, or at the very least, unethical.

Do all the common carriers scan every single dog before allowing him or her to board/get checked in? Ditto U.S. Border Control before a dog is allowed to leave, and Canadian Border Control before a dog is allowed in? Iceland? Greenland?

Unless I'm home at the time, the dog could be on her way to another country before I'm aware of the theft. Of course, if I'm home at the time, 911 is the appropriate first action . . .

Thank you, again.


by TIG on 26 January 2024 - 23:01

Border control is only concerned w egress not exits. The incoming country typically controls animal requirements often thru their ag dept. Age, vaccination status are typical but easily forged. They don't give a fig about " registration" agencies.

BTW Iceland bans import of dogs.

AKC more likely to help thief than you.

Why would dog be at risk if u r not there? Do you leave it outside? If so more indoor and change the locks.

Look at other solutions such as Paying for doggy daycare.

What makes u think the dog is at risk? Tell us & we may have other solutions for ex if it is a domestic abuse situation or physical threat you can get a restraining order and the dog can be included in the tro in many states.

by GSCat on 29 January 2024 - 00:01

Thank you.
Trying to avoid starting a legal war.
The dog will "almost certainly" be out of danger by April.

The obvious solution is complicated because she's due to go into heat soon, a lot of places won't board an in-season dog, and those that do are expensive. The only reasonably-priced one I've found banned her because she broke the kennel door at that facility when she was in heat LOL

Still looking for another place.


by GSCat on 29 February 2024 - 00:02

Liely out of danger now, but not taking any chances.



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