Simple pedigree chart for Tino Faisca v.d. Vanenblikhoeve (1704110)

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Simple pedigree chart for Ch. Tino Faisca v.d. Vanenblikhoeve

Ch. Tino Faisca v.d. Vanenblikhoeve
Ch. Dayan Claudia v. Hagenbeek
Ch. Hoscy Dukke Bianca Fan It Hanenheim
NL'Ch Hoscy Kata v. Dafzicht
King v. Dafzicht
Rocca ten Roobos
Kata v. Dafzicht
Astra Noup v. Dafzicht
Bianca Angelique v. Folkenheim
Ajax v.d. Kamppoort
Nerodan KNPV 1
Egan Noup v. dafzicht
Angelique Monique v. Folkenhiem
Claudia v.d. Macecliers
Baltazar v.d. Macecliers
Xaar v.d. Macecliers
Uran de la Thudinie
Xidese du Posty Arlequin
Udella du Posty Arlequin
Atina v.d. Macecliers
Yessi v.d. Macecliers
Sheba (Macecliers) LOSH 277225
Ydra v.d. Macecliers
Faisca Danny v.d. Vanenblikhoeve
NL'CH Arkos Anoesca v. Dafzicht
King v. Dafzicht
Rif du Posty Arlequin
USA'CH Picolette du Posty Arlequin
Rocca ten Roobos
Milord ten Roobos
Mina ten Roobos
Anouska Astra v. Dafzicht
INT'CH Bica v.d. Rozenheerd
Basca Tamara v d Woestendijk
Astra Noup v. Dafzicht
Noup de la Thudinie
Rocca ten Roobos
NL'CH Danny Biene v. Dafzicht
NL'CH Oscy v. Dafzicht
Oly de l'Ile Monsin
Remado's Kandy
Florida de l'Ile Monsin
Sylvia Reverie v.h. Witte Dorp
Noup de la Thudinie
Reverie du Posty Arlequin
Bienne Vette v. Dafzicht
NL'Ch Hoscy Kata v. Dafzicht
King v. Dafzicht
Kata v. Dafzicht
Vette de la Thudinie
TARINA de la Thudinie of Qassaba

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