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by ValK on 14 February 2020 - 16:02

Hired Dog

it's not about safety of rabbit or ball but about dog's attitude to surrounds and practical utilization of that in common day by day life.
i used to leave my dog unattached at store entrance and was absolutely sure, after i come out, i'll see my dog at the spot i left him. in summer on crowded lake shore i can leave my dog to watch after our stuff and dog just do that without tempts to run after kids with ball. when we went to forest to pick some berries or mushrooms, i can leave dog to guard our camp for hours of our absence and when we come back, dog will met me at camp and during all that time i never had worry "are my dog in camp or went after some rabbit or squirrel".
the last my dog have been taught to same but knowing his nature, i never was sure about him in that regard.

in regard of "true evaluation"... overall it was prolonged process during training. pups been delivered to club typically at 5-6 weeks and pretty much the training began right away. some exceptional pups can be notable immediately but irregardless of obvious exception of some, all pups must go through the training process. there wasn't stages with trials confirmation to move to next phase. it did start from obedience with smooth insertion of elements of nose work and protection. albeit there were exercises you won't find in SchH, in general obedience wasn't much different. what was different it was protection. objective wasn't to bring dog to title but to put the dog through quite harsh tests to assure dog's suitability for allotted purpose.

by Hired Dog on 14 February 2020 - 16:02

Valk, you are not grasping my sense of humor in regards to rabbits or chickens, thats ok. I need to get to the gym, I will try to get to the rest of your post later if I can.


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