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Female for sale , SOON IN HEAT !
Female for sale


by marjorie on 25 January 2013 - 22:01

In the subject title of your post, please list the dog you wish to post by city, state, sex, breed (and age, if known)
For example, a female in San Bernadino California should be listed as thus:
San Bernadino, Ca: F German Shepherd Dog 4 yrs
This will make it easier to locate a breed that one may be able to place or is interested in rescuing.
In the body of the post, please make sure you put a photo, the name of the shelter in which the dog is located, as well as the ID # of the dog, the telephone number and contact information, if known, as well as any information you may have about this dog.

We ask you follow these posting guidelines to ensure that these dogs can be properly networked and rescued. Thank you for your cooperation. :)

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