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by Belgian lover on 24 March 2012 - 02:03

I have a Belgian from Roberson Belgians and am very happy with the result.  It sounds like "Malligator" is a rival breeder and it makes me ill.  I have searched for over a year for the perfect fit for me and she came through with flying colors.
It's obvious that breeders of Tervurens have the corner on breeding, by controlling it - not selling a pup unless you sign a "contract" - insisting the dogs be fixed.  This is not right. Period.

I showed one time and the other handlers and owners were so mean and outright hostile that it killed any desire to show in the future.  This has changed though with my purchase of Kimberly Robersons male that I now own .  I will show him - with pride.  And in the future, if I want to breed - I will find a suitable female and breed.
Even though Kimberly is in Ca, and I am in WA state she would not ship him too me.  She felt it would be too stressful on him. Does  that a back yard breeder to you?? Absolutely not!  She has checked in daily via phone and emails to make the the transition is going smoothly, and says she will buy him back, if its is not a good fit.  I love this dog - hes a wonderful asset to the breed.  Kimberly also sent me a huge photo album of my dog, with his bloodlne.

Don't pay any attention to the bad review - i heartily reccommend Kimberlys dogs - and will possibly purchase another one from her in the near future.
Pamela Benetti,
Seattle, WA

by Onyx Services on 24 July 2012 - 16:07

I also have a Roberson Belgian-she is a wonderful dog. In May of this year she earned her AKC Championship title. She is now on her way for her AKC Grand Championship. She also has her TDI and CGC titles. So she is beginning to make her mark in obedience. This dog has been such an asset to our home. In fact Kimberely Roberson has played a very important role in showing and raising Kissmit. I wish I had met her 20 years ago-I would have switched breeds at that time. Instead of waiting so long.

Ignore this malagator person-anyone who refuses to sign their actual name is just not a good person. I know of NO rescues out there from any of Kimberlys stock. Kimberly Roberson has nothing on her property that is not a Good or better on the OFA's. Her lines are clean!! There are no seizures!! And they have long lives!!

They are mentally sound and even tempered. Wonderful with small children and dogs. Kissmit has been raised with a 2# Yorkie and a Jack Russell Terrier.

They are also extremely easy to train and handle at the dog shows. They are versitle-agility, conformation, obedience, guard, tracking, herding and therapy. She breeds extremely well rounded dogs. Most of the breeders I have met could take a few lessons from the Robersons!

It is not always about the conformation ring-these dogs can do so much more! It is important for these dogs to remain well rounded and sociable-and Kimberly's are just that. Thank you Roberson Belgians for giving me the experience of a life time-by owning, showing, playing with one of the best dogs I have ever met.

Jerri Lewis


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