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by Lewis on 12 March 2009 - 00:03

I handle several breeds and I am quite familiar with several breed standards including the Terv. I apologize to you for your bad experiences with the Roberson Tervs. In fact I hate to see anyone who is disappointed with a dog because of the breeder. You have posted  comments that you feel are true. It is good to see you stand behind your word. Do not be concerned about my search-There are several breeders that I will not consider for their opinion much less a dog. I will say however-the Tervs that I have met with attitudes in the conformation and obeidence rings were not in any way related to the Roberson's-so it would appear that they are not the only one that should be on the hot seat. Some of the Tervs I have met have been out of control dogs with no manners. Most of the obeidence Tervs on the other hand have for the most part been extremely friendly and willing to work. They are an old and noble breed and should be respected and treated with kindness. They need to work and appear to make great dogs if they have a job. They are not the dog for every day people who want a lap dog to sit around the house all of the time. They are intense workers and are failrly easy to train if one keeps at it-I do have friends with Malonios-they are really intense-I do handle a couple-they too need a job-and are simply not the dog for the average family. It is possible that these dogs were sold to familys that should not have them. Again I agree with you-pre-sereening the home a very necessary when it comes to high energy, working dogs. So sorry you are receiving bad e-mails from everyone. Good Luck. I do enjoy your site.


by MVF on 01 December 2009 - 06:12

 Are there Tervs who are driven enough to do SchH well yet be social and stable in the family?


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