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by Lewis on 06 March 2009 - 02:03

I noticed a buyer beware on these dogs-I am a little concerned-I have not noticed any shyness or agression in any of her foundation dogs. I own a Salon and she has brought several of them by for everyone to visit-I have looked at many Tervurens-So far-the size and color of one of her males is quite impressive. I am still researching and I am open to any suggestions-I have raised and shown for 27 years-Goldens/ Terriers. I discontinued with the Goldies because of what California has done to the breed. So now I am looking for another show dog-Both conformation and Obeidence. I am not interested in breeding but I do want to continue showing- At present I own and show a yorkie.I would like some info on responsible breeders-I require-OFA of Good or better, Eye/Heart Cerf.-current-of both parents-I will not support or purchase unfit dogs-I also will verify AKC registration and OFA#-Thank You

by maligator on 11 March 2009 - 02:03

There is a Terv club in Southern California as well that you might be interested in learning more about Tervs and getting to know people and breeder recommendations, as well as getting to know different lines within the breed, if you have not already looked into them. Yorkies are a hoot, I bet they are fun to show!

It was difficult enough to make my Buyer Beware post without it sounding too "badmouthy" bc then it does not sound legitimate. I cringe every time I get an email with "Roberson Belgians?" in the subject line, its usually another owner needing help or needing to surrender their dog because they've given up on it (or trying to see if I have another method of getting in touch with her because she does not seem to answer her phone or reply to emails after a sale is final). No ethical breeder would be perfectly fine with puppies they are producing being handed over to rescue because the owners cant and/or dont know how to deal with their issues. It is not ethical for a breeder to knowingly produce puppies of substandard dispositions and continue repeating the litters.

It makes me physically ill to think about this woman breeding dogs.

- From a Roberson puppy owner and Belgian rescuer. And I cannot even post my name or email anymore bc of the harrassing phone calls due to the fact that I refuse to take down the Buyer Beware post.


by Chateau De Bastogne on 09 October 2009 - 14:10

It;s high time that someone contradict this malicious post from "Mrs. Maligator".  I'll post my name because I don't hide behind pseudonyms.  My name is Larry Rook, I'm a former police officer with K-9's and a formerU.S.  Federal Agent.  It is my opinion that the original post by "maligator" is false and malicious 6th grade lunchroom trash!  I know for a fact the woman is from Australia and has never visited the Roberson Belgians Kennels in her life.  That being said, all she has done is make accusations that she can't support in many areas.  I personally have 3 of the Roberson dogs as of this moment.  They've never needed rescue, never had a medical problem and never had anything to do with the malicious accusations of the original post.  For all we know this woman has a personal agenda to announce to the world of Belgian breeders.  Speaking of Belgian breeders in general; they are the most snobby, know-it-all, it's our way and there is no other way people that I've ever met in my life.  I can't stand anyone or any breeder with a "holier-than-thou" smarta** attitude who believes that they are the pinnacle and look down their collective noses at the rest of the dog world.  Kimberly Roberson takes great pride and gentle care of her dogs.  Is it up to her or any of us to do anal exams on every buyer?  No!  If a person calls me and pays over $800 USD for one of my dogs, I have no right, nor do you "Mrs. Maligator" to give them anal retentive exams.  It's their dog to do as they please.  Of course we all ask questions about the dog's possible new home.  Could it be that sometimes the situation of the world changes people's lives and that puts their entire life in rescue, not only the dog.  It is a fact that America is the home of freedom and I don't give a darn about the liberal Euros or Aussies to sit a give us a grade when they choose.  We don't care, o.k.? 

To the prospective buyer:  You can pick up the phone or email Kimberly at Roberson Belgians at any time.  She will take the time to answer any and all questions.  She is a caregiver to her dogs, they are her children but like all children they are not perfect.

To "Mrs. Maligator":  I also work for Myles, Adam, Christopher and Associates in the United States.  I would be very cautious if I were you and shooting off you big mouth about other u.S. breeders.  Australia also has courts to hold you accountable for your liablous and slanderous actions.  


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