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 Terms of Service.mrdarcy453870 
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 Pls helpt -Export PedigreeIveta321851327 hours ago by Iveta321 >> (goto)
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 Dont like the friggin flirtpole - pages | 2| duke19652021183 days ago by Koots >> (goto)
 Just sharing some picskitkat347870813 days ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Need advices on choosing a puppy - pages | 2| AnaP1834104 days ago by Centurian >> (goto)
 food for arthritisboogieoogie144084 days ago by ggturner >> (goto)
 advertisements - pages | 2| 3| apple2272234 days ago by ValK >> (goto)
 Where to buy tattoo inkwolfeberg68716 days ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 HD / ED scoring.8lu3d09112787 days ago by 8lu3d09 >> (goto)
 Tattoo Help!!MelRose18570 
 New breed or bloodline however u want to call itxPyrotechnic1312310 days ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
 5 week old puppy hind legs stopped working need advice ASAP! - pages | 2| Mishasdad26511111 days ago by hexe >> (goto)
 Supplements to help fur grow back fasterastrovan24871214811 days ago by Ragnarok2 >> (goto)
 Dog food updateNans gsd804111 days ago by Nans gsd >> (goto)
 Go-Fund-Me For my dear friend and fellow dog personJyl120922 weeks ago by Kaylee >> (goto)
 Print pedigrees to PDFBill Fleischer76212 weeks ago by zmelli >> (goto)
 new toughts on Schutzhundduke1965124662 weeks ago by duke1965 >> (goto)

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