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by Hundmutter on 18 November 2019 - 03:11

It really doesn't matter whether the dogs in question were purebred GSDs or some kind of crossbreed Pit Bills with GSD in the mix. We have had countless examples over the years, here in the UK, of people getting bitten or mauled to death by groups of dogs.

Things these events have in common:

The newspaper or whatever media source that reports on them usually makes no attempt to get all the facts straight, and some report(er)s are more conscientious than others about details.

The victim is frequently (not always) NOT the dogs' owner; and too often is either someone elderly and not too sure on their feet, or a young (and possibly inclined to screaming) child.

The point that too often gets overlooked is that SOMEBODY owns these packs of dogs and SHOULD HAVE KEPT BETTER CONTROL OVER THEM, including who could get access to them and where the dogs were able to get access. (If that IS the owner who gets mauled, they should recognise that almost none of us stay as fit and well balanced when we get older, and make preparations for that, by getting help with their dogs or phasing out the numbers kept.) Sorry if I sound like Judge Judy.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 18 November 2019 - 04:11

As I have said before I am more concerned with WHY BlackMalinois posted this thread, and another,  9 months after the incident. Was hoping for a reply from him??

Baerenfangs Erbe

by Baerenfangs Erbe on 18 November 2019 - 05:11

Because of the Malinois topic. The two Mals that killed a Soldier where we are saying that you'll see more and more of that happening due to people breeding for stupid drives with low threshold and high frustration. He's upset about that. I just don't know why people even entertain him by answering these topics.


by BlackMalinois on 18 November 2019 - 06:11


Some stupid people here who have no any idea about dogs post idiot posts on and on

Example the GSD working dog today is breed more and more on prey drive look to that circus dogs in IPG now  its all  PREY ,some idiots here
say that malinois have frustrating prey dive and a GSD will not??.I work every week with 15 until 20 X malinois
and DS here and sometimes with a GSD working lines who go in most most cases to police departments
do you fools believe here that police departments buy and work with frustrating malinois who kill their  own oficers???

Now that fools here suggest that that soldier was killed by frustrating prey drive , they only read the story
they don,t even know what exactly happen there, there can many reasons what is going on

When I post someting about a GSD that same fake people don,t react why a GSD will kill a baby or an old women
than they don,t have an idiot theorie why and what, so this people for me are very hypocrit and have to work with more dogs to get more experience than write nonsens behind their keyboard.

Now I post  some negative  about that GSD what is a true story  that administartor  here warned me PM   DUHHHHH so it works here  ,very sad.


Dawn G. Bonome

by Dawn G. Bonome on 18 November 2019 - 08:11

People are not stupid BlackMalinois.
It seems like you want to put the two breeds (German Shepherd &Malinois) up against each other and do a one ups man to see which breed kills more people by posting stories which happened when? If people don’t agree with you and say something negative about the Malinois you come back about the German Shepherd.
Dogs don’t come into this world bad, it’s the people who F them up, and ultimately the dog pays the price. 
Thats all I have to say,and hoping others will let this thread drop because it's going nowhere.


by Hundmutter on 18 November 2019 - 10:11

Impossible to do anyway, since as we have said, there are too many unreliable reports about what the breeds were that were involved ! Many, many of the stories of such attacks feature dogs guessed at by the reporters as some other breed entirely, not Mali OR GS (but you are not including those here); [even if one later finds out that perhaps they DID include 'our' two breeds of interest !!!]

@BM:  I very much doubt that you could ever prove the dogs in these events, even if they were pure GSDs, were all of particular lines, whether that be over-breeding 'prey drive' in Working lines, or Sports lines (OR Show or pet-only lines, come to that). The LIKELIHOOD however is that dogs kept irresponsibly, as most of these surely are, are much more likely to be BYB sorts, even if pureblood, (among thousands that are out there) than they ever are an expensive Work, Sport or Show 'model'.

by ali44 on 18 November 2019 - 12:11

Look on Wikipedia: the dogs involved in the attack were 7 or 8 mixed breeds or mutts.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 18 November 2019 - 13:11

BlackMalinois I would prefer you didn't refer to members here as fools and idiots thank you! If you have something to say about my message to you please do so in a PM and not on the forums.


by bantam7 on 23 November 2019 - 22:11

"Look on Wikipedia: the dogs involved in the attack were 7 or 8 mixed breeds or mutts."

I will drop in here to say that - while the statistical likelihood is that the dogs were mutts, 50% of US dogs are - Wikipedia is an extremely poor source of information on dog attacks (and on dogs in general for that matter, half of their breed history sections are laughable). Their "sources" on attacks are the news stories that almost as a rule do not have their facts straight with sensationalization, missing circumstances and contested info.

There is a book called "Fatal Dog Attacks: The Stories Behind the Statistics", 2002, that you can buy on Amazon for a few bucks, and I highly suggest all dog people read it. It is an exceptionally well-researched, sober-eyed, cold facts book that goes from case to case (something like all fatal dog attacks in the US 1940-2002) and allows you to draw your own conclusions; the author, Karen Delise, became a "pit bull person" some time after the publishing of this book due partly to what she found, but in this one she makes no attempt to defend/prove innocent any specific breed or type. She simply lists info she's gathered from witnesses, neighbors, victims' families, officers on scene, coroners, photographs, comparing across news outlets, et cetera. You will notice connecting threads; common circumstances like feral packs running loose, history of severe aggression, history of poor ownership practices, dog left alone with baby, powerful dogs owned by feeble person living alone, dog brought home that day, domestic violence or criminal activity in the home, male dogs kept with bitches in heat, bitches nursing litters, outdoor "guard dog" getting off chain or being approached.

The media is full of more garbage than usual when it comes to these stories. "Beloved family pet" actually means "dog chained in the backyard with no human contact for 5 years" or "lived in an abandoned house, was starving and ate rat poison", dogs "attack out of nowhere" when they had long been known as dangerously aggressive, "purebred Siberian Husky" means "Australian Shepherd looking mutt", and so on - all real cases. The general public's (and even some police officers') ability to identify breeds of dog is startlingly bad, if we want to talk about that part of it; we as doggy people should know better than to take them at their word without seeing the dog ourselves - and not some random dog photo put up with the story, as is common practice.


by Hundmutter on 24 November 2019 - 03:11

@ Bantam7: Thank you, that research confirms everything I said above; and I will try to find a copy of that book, which I am sure will make fascinating reading !

In the past few days, a woman was attacked & killed, ostensibly by a pack of hunting hounds, in France. Here there was no doubt as to the breed involved; and since hounds are usually bred to be nothing if not 'people friendly', (despite they are fox, deer, etc UNfriendly !) it was very odd. The news item I read (Guardian online) was vague - as usual - and I cannot find many other references to this event, although one other press report does imply she texted her husband before the attack and mentioned a GSD. Police are DNA testing the hounds, as they think the injuries show a pack attack, rather than the actions of one dog (whichever breed). But it does show that GSDs and Malinois are not alone in having occasional problems.


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