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by apple on 16 August 2019 - 13:08

He actually was a great help to me in researching breedings for my current dog and knew what I was looking for. His knowledge and some luck resulted in me getting almost exactly what I was looking for.

by ValK on 16 August 2019 - 17:08

i guess one must know dogs in specific pedigree really well personally to do bet on offspring.
even with good knowledge, blind pick will provide only better odds without solid assurance for outcome.
the pick for certain goal the pup still to be observed and tested.

by apple on 16 August 2019 - 17:08

The thing is I didn't personally know the dog's in the pedigree, but as I said, Cliff who is very knowledgeable was a great help, and I e-mailed people in Europe who had handled some of the dogs that competed at a national/international level and did a lot of research. I saw video of the sire, dam, and paternal grand dam, most of which was apprehension work, but not in a sport scenario. The breeder knows his dogs well and what they have produced. He was keeping some pups back for himself, but he wanted a different type of dog to use in movies. Actually, the dam of my pup and a littermate are in a series on Apple TV coming out in the fall called "See" with Jason Momoa which is about a disease that wipes out most of the population on earth and the survivors and their offspring are all blind due to the disease. After several generations, people begin to wonder if humans really ever had the ability to see. So he was looking for a certain type of dog and fortunately, he gave me the best dog in the litter for what I was looking for and who tested out best for what I was looking for. So I agree that pups in a litter are not clones and each is an individual with different traits. I was very fortunate to get the help I needed and that the breeder was looking for a different type of dog to keep back. I was also fortunate in that the breeder only ships one or two pups to the states because they have to keep them until they are four months old when they can be vaccinated for rabies. I was also fortunate in that the breeder is probably one of the best at exposing pups to many different environmental stressors such as gunshots at a few weeks of age, zip lines, bottle curtains and chains, climbing chicken wire ramps, eating off of an ATV while it is running, etc. Plus, I was able to video pof the pup as they were working with him.


by emoryg on 16 August 2019 - 18:08

Agree with Hired, it’s what’s in front of you that matters most. Most police officers have no idea what a papered dog is anyway. Chicco von Whatshisname is only known as K-9 Justice, and as long as he answers to that, it’s the only name that matters. I liked checking papers to help identify traits that I was seeing as being random occurrences, or was it pattern from a certain line. Papers also allow you to identify a dogs age. Every non-papered dog is always two years old or younger…they just suffer from premature graying.

Every dog I worked with were sleeve happy, suit savoring, put this thing back on so we can play some more, kind of dogs. On the streets they took care of business as they should. It starts with the right dog. But ‘understanding the basic fundamentals of dog vs human bite dynamics and the desirable traits needed for the K-9 to thrive in those encounters’ is critical. I say dog vs human because for some reason there is this thinking that a dog chasing and biting a squirrel, a cat, fighting another dog, biting a tug, suit or sleeve is the same as biting a person. If it was that easy all dogs would do it. The domestication process has inhibited the dogs willingness/desire to bite people. Identify the desirable traits that some dogs possess that can be manipulated to overcome these inhibitions and then put the dog in an environment that fosters their abilities. Stop trying to trick a dog into thinking that biting the right suit with the right decoy is the answer. Find the right dog and then go have fun with the bite, return game and never worry about it again.

by apple on 16 August 2019 - 19:08

If your reference to tricking a dog into thinking that biting the right suit with the right decoy had to do with my earlier comments, I think you misunderstood. It has nothing to do with circus tricks. My point is that there is good training, not so good training and bad training. A good dog will probably plow through good training and do well or okay with not so good training and possibly develop some issues that need to be retrained. My point is about optimizing the training to get the best results without create unnecessary issues. Bulky suits are further removed from the action of biting for real because with a lighter suit, the dog can feel the person through the suit. Look at KNPV suits. Even though it has become more of a sport, its original purpose was to help select dogs for police work. By the right decoy, Joe Blow in a suit willing take a bite off of a dog is not a decoy. Very good decoys are in high demand and are in short supply. A poor or mediocre decoy can easily keep a dog from reaching his full potential in terms of the actual bite work and knowing when a dog is ready for certain aspects of bite work.

by ValK on 16 August 2019 - 20:08

it's not as complicated as you think.
if dog do not have innate "god forbid to hurt human" taboo, dog will bite regardless suit is on or not. more over, i did have quite of encounters with dogs during exercises, who was smart enough to figure out purpose of protection suit and intentionally tried to reach exposed parts. it was no fun and enjoyable experience.
as for experienced handler - well, experienced for what? how do not scare shitoff dog? how do not hurt that dog? how to pet the dog when that dog hangs on decoy be it sleeve or suit?


by emoryg on 16 August 2019 - 22:08

Apple, the only thing that matters is that it’s working for you, and the proof is in the dogs that you train.


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