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by mike817 on 22 August 2019 - 12:08

The end of last month I entered into an agreement with Marko to purchase a female GSD from him (turns out it wasnt his dog but he stated it was, first lie). She was also pregnant, 5 plus puppies per ultrasound. The dog arrives and has been the case in the past they are a little unsteady from the trip so at that time i wasnt concerned greatly as to her movement. I subsequently took her to my vet as I noticed her balance was "off" and also to have an xray done to determine the exact count. It revealed only one puppy. Her and I discussed how to move forward as sometimes females wont go into labor with just one. With the information I received from Marko initially we calculated what would be the last day we could wait until it may be necessary to do a C-section. A few days after that she expelled the only puppy, dead. I returned again to my Vet to have her examined for both the miscarriage and also her balance/movement and her initial opinion was she has "Wobblers disease/syndrome" and that it would take more testing to confirm this. She also came with a significant polyp on her foot, 300-400 to remove it. When Marko was made aware of the pregnancy issue he responded " One?
Nothing we will rechange
Keep you will get one more". On August 12th he responded "AUG 12, 2019, 5:22 PM
We will speak tomorrow to see solution". No communication from him "tomorrow". Then on the 14th he replies "the female is healthy,thats for sure,can check her health. She cant be unhealthy if absorb pupps,that every vet will tell you.
Would you accept to give you female for 2000eu total price,better quality than that female at you,normally pregnant 40 days now?" I should that in his description of the one I purchased he stated "Quality high level as you can see
Need to be shipped in next 10 days. When he offered me the first dog he described her like this
"Her disposition? Temperament?
Nothing impressive to kill people etc
Normal female
As you can see her look she is really maximum nice
Better anatomy cant ask from this" So I cant really understand now how he wants me to pay more money for a better one since she is in his words "Better anatomy cant ask from this" in his description of the first dog! On August 15th he stated "I must see what i have that is near heat or in heat,give me till weekend to give you offer". The weekend came and went, now no response, I'm not really interested in hearing all of the "You shouldnt buy dogs from Serbia" or "Lucky you even got a dog at all" so keep that to yourself as I wont be responding to it, I have had more good dealings than bad with Serbians, have been equally screwed over right here in the States! The public needs to know how this guy is operating. Ill post any response/resolution from him here. The dog in question is Zara Team Carrera and she is here on PDB

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 22 August 2019 - 16:08

Did you find the Ad for the dog here? If so do you remember the user name of the person who advertised the dog or the title of the Ad?

by mike817 on 23 August 2019 - 10:08

I am out of town on business, Ill look it up when I return. Here is His response to me this morning regarding the Wobblers Syndrome, "She can be breed,thats just story that cant be breed". while they disease doesnt prevent her from being bred only a selfish pig woud do such a thing

by mike817 on 25 August 2019 - 11:08

While digging for the actual post of her for sale it turns out that Marko Vujakovic is in fact Marko Giglic aka Von Komar who was banned from here some months ago

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 25 August 2019 - 15:08

Thank you for getting back with the information

Where ever you found the Ad let the Administration of that site know that the person is a scammer.

Enough people complain you have a chance to slow down his practice.


by hexe on 25 August 2019 - 17:08

Not disputing your vet, but Wobbler's isn't a condition that's seen in GSDs. I expect you're not wanting to throw good money after bad, but a spinal xray might give you more information--an exam from a neurologist likely old be even better. If you're near enough to a veterinary teaching hospital, that could be the most cost-effective route to identify what the problem is--she could be suffering from a systemic bacterial or viral infection, or experienced an injury in transit, for that matter.

by GSCat on 27 August 2019 - 11:08

Hugs and prayers. Regardless of what is decided, hope the dog can be healed.!

by mike817 on 28 August 2019 - 11:08

hexe, im not saying I believe everything I read on the internet, here is just one place I found information after my conversation with my vet---Certain large breeds of dogs, and breeds susceptible to spinal diseases, are considered at higher risk for Wobblers Syndrome. Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes suffer from this disease most often. Other breeds prone to Wobblers include Saint Bernards, Irish Setters, Dalmations and German Shepherds. Vets believe that it's the rapid growth of large breeds that causes Wobblers Syndrome. Wobblers Syndrome can occur in dogs as young as ten months of age, though the majority of cases affect dogs three to nine years old. That came from vetinfo.

by mike817 on 13 October 2019 - 00:10

Coming up on 3 months now and still no resolution. Like so many other here are dealing with I guess, but worth mentioning hoping no one else gets jerked around-- as soon as he sees this he will start with the mouth lol--


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