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by JamesTafoya on 12 April 2019 - 19:04

I am posting this from phone and couldn’t get pics to upload so I hope they come through, so just pasted them. I am looking for possible breed info. I was told this was a Belgian when purchased but looks like he has GSD coloring. But he doesn’t have typical GSD sloped back. Possible mix? Any info would be appreciated including on uploading pic from a phone without URL.





by jillmissal on 21 April 2019 - 14:04

You didn't post any pictures.


Edited to add: This is why buyers need to do their due diligence. Only buy from breeders with pedigreed and registerable dogs. Try not to buy sight unseen if at all possible.  Do not buy from a breeder who claims 'purebred without papers' or any other such nonsense. In Canada, it is illegal to sell "purebred" dogs without papers. Rule of thumb: if no papers exist, the dog is de facto not purebred. Another rule of thumb: a "breeder" willing to breed dogs that don't have papers is not a reputable breeder, so don't buy their dogs no matter what. 


by JamesTafoya on 30 April 2019 - 14:04

Jillmissal, I have tried to post pics and have visited with a couple of admins about posting pics because it always show error 405 not allowed. This site is very dated as to how posting pics works. But my original post was to get some possible breed info on a dog that I had and not being rude I personally don’t care about registered pedigree. I think it is fine and dandy for the breeders to be able to tout but for me it is more about the temperament, ability and looks of the dog. I am wanting to purchase a dog in the future that had some of the same qualities and looks as the one that I had even though he can never be replaced.

by jillmissal on 04 June 2019 - 14:06

@james, IMO people do not understand the importance of a verified pedigree. That is tool #1 for understanding the temperament, ability, and looks of the dog, not to mention the health information. The "adopt don't shop" contingent has done a great job trying to convince people that the pedigree/registration is "just a piece of paper" but it's a piece of paper that provides generations worth of health, performance, temperament, and genetic information on an animal you are spending thousands of dollars to purchase.


by Hundmutter on 04 October 2019 - 13:10

...and people who really don't care about lack of paperwork or verification don't suddenly start questioning what breed their dog is when s/he starts to grow up looking not quite like what they thought s/he would. Hence why the desire for "breed info.", not forward planning for some other dog in the future when you probably do not yet know how this one is turning out. (Based on your avatar picture, not your posts).

If its the personality & undefined qualities of the individual dog that matter to you, why were you asking the question ? It's the dog you bought, it's the pup you wanted. Suck it up.

The supposed Malinois ( or one advertised as a GSD, for that matter) could still look as if it were a mix of the two breeds, particularly if bred by somebody who does not care for proper record keeping and careful breeding practices.  Belgians and German Shepherds are from very similar breeds in basic form & function, they may well have been all one type of domestic dog if you could go back far enough into history.

And even when you do know how a dog was bred and from what ancestry, chances are you would never be able to get something that is like a 'clone' of the first one, at some later date.  Any dog encyclopedia will tell you the basics of both breeds; for more than that, you need to be asking much more precise questions than "should it have a sloping back".

Not at all clear why this thred suddenly showed up again after 5 months, since nothing has been added more recently.  I hope casual readers were more satisfied with what jilmissal posted than the OP was. 




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