Simple pedigree chart for Briarbrooks Still Sizzlin' (1548556)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Briarbrooks Still Sizzlin'

CH Briarbrooks Still Sizzlin'
CH Adelaide's Scotsman of Windermere
HOF ASCA Ch. Windermeres Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
HOF ASCA CH Wildhagen's Dutchman of Flintridge CDX
(ASCAA53 & NSDR: A8759-7150)
CH The Herdsman of Flintridge
(ASCAA721 & NSDR: A6186-6788)
Heards Cactus of Flintridge
(ASCAA720 & NSDR: A5140-61137)
(Heards) Blue Spice of Flintridge
Heards Savor of Flintridge
(ASCAHIII1066 & NSDR: A5141-61113)
Heards Salt of Flintridge
(ASCAA719 & NSDR: A2256-6495)
Nettesheims Twinkle
HOF Wildhagen's Thistle of Flintridge
Sisler's John
No information about the Sire
No information about the Dam
CH (Heards) Chili of Flintridge
Harper's Old Smokey
(Heards) Blue Spice of Flintridge
HOF Fisher's Blue Heather of Windermere UD
HOF Georges (Kings) Red Rustler
Ginthers Rusty
Blacks Freckles
Blacks Brown Velvet
Ginthers Red Velvet
Hills Buck
Rogers Fuzzy
Wilsons Little Annie UD
Bintzs Skeeter Blue
Simmons Mr. Pepper
Adams Nella
Bintzs Pauper Joy
Pattons Don Perry
Bergers Patches
ASCA CH Colorados Sizzlin Sioux
Higgins Fast Buckofberrycreek
(ASCAE526 & NSDR: A24258-71166)
CH Iacovettas Buck
Heards Salt of Flintridge
(ASCAA719 & NSDR: A2256-6495)
Harper's Old Smokey
(Heards) Blue Spice of Flintridge
Iacovettas Shasta
(ASCAA674 & NSDR: A5054-6188)
Sisler's Dan
Wilcoxs Cindy
Las Rocosa Rose
(ASCAB1020 & NSDR: (3)A620-72X2)
HOF ASCA CH Las Rocosa Shiloh CD
(ASCAA79 & NSDR: (3)A108-77270)
Boehmers Four Man
(ASCAA451 & NSDR: A3939-612156)
Hosmers Jill
(ASCAB1735 & NSDR: (2)A282-7220)
Hartnagles Fritzie Taylor
Taylor's Whiskey
(ASCAA733 & NSDR: (1)A113-66279)
Taylor's Buena
(ASCAA732 & NSDR: A3141-6396)
Colorado Sharade
HOF CH Slash V Little Rock CD
(ASCAC14 & NSDR: A002079)
CH George's Rocky Top
Georges Dago Rojo
(ASCAA516-7362 & NSDR: (1)A363-73181)
Keep's Waltzing Matilda
Myrups Gabby
(ASCAC17 & NSDR: A13139-78293)
Moody's Barrocho
Martins Red Fudge STDc
(ASCAA204 & NSDR: (3)A334-77Z1)
Colorados Hotline Paige
Myrups Slick Dago
Myrups Gabby
(ASCAC17 & NSDR: A13139-78293)
Faxons Smokey Blue Buttons
Kings Boo
Georges (Kings) Checkers


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