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by Rik on 14 January 2020 - 19:01

OK, maybe someone can help me understand the interest in DDR type, which by most reputable accounts, no longer exists except in fable, myth and legend.

how does a dog get bred for DDR work when there has been no DDR for 30 years? is it just a DDR look/type?

are they better for LE/Mil, sport, or just higher puppy prices? do the brokers supplying the LE/Mil of the world seek out DDR?

or do the puppy sellers, supplying a puppy market put up convincing ads that there is something special here not found in any other GSD "type"?

by apple on 15 January 2020 - 06:01

It is mainly just about type, which tends to be dark pigment and large head and bone. LE and the military are not seeking out dogs that are DDR, they are looking for good dogs period. They are not particularly good for sport due to lower prey drive, but some of the modern so called DDR dogs have good prey drive which further supports they are not like their ancestors.

by ValK on 15 January 2020 - 12:01

Rick, i don't think dog's work in DDR somehow was different from dog's work in the West. what did set apart DDR dog from western counterpart were perception and view on what overall this breed should look like, what kind of health and physical efficiency must provide in breed, what traits a must have and of course harsh approach in screening which dog fit to be allowed for breeding to sustain established standard.
after absorption by SV, this approach was abandoned. as i said earlier - only a few old DDR breeder still faithful and continue to use it in their breeding. majority of new "DDR breeders" uses anything and everything with DDR ancestry, irregardless of question "is that dog fit a standard, set previously for his/her ancestors?"
in regard of suitability for particular applications, it's mainly depend on quantity of dogs available for selection. the more dogs you have, the better odds to find one, suitable for your purpose. today stock of dogs with DDR roots is absolutely miniscule in comparison to rest.
usage of dogs for sport hardly qualify to be considered as a practical and useful work but even there all depends on set of requirements in respect to dog's behavior during performance and perception of quality by judging party.

by apple on 15 January 2020 - 13:01

There are dogs that can do sport and real work. They are probably in the minority but it is not true that certain sport dogs can't do police or military work.

by ValK on 17 January 2020 - 11:01

perhaps. but tell me how many hours per year the dog with its hyper active nature, intentionally through selection in breeding developed to fit (let's be frank - the stupidest and useless requirements set by sport), do spend on the sport field vs. being idle in common non active household environment?


by GK1 on 17 January 2020 - 12:01

pedigree of a prospect LE pup in another thread shows multiple competitive sport dogs in 4 generations, yet titles have no bearing on the desired traits for LE selection. so those titled dogs in that specific pedigree are coincidental? I suspect more than a minority of dogs which can do sport requirements (knpv ex.) could have also been trained for service at some level.

by duke1965 on 17 January 2020 - 12:01

GK1, if you talk about my pup, I select dogs for qualities and some do have some known dogs in the pedigree as that is hard to avoid all together, but thats another thing than selecting pups from podium dogs/breedings and expect them to be suitable for LE

by Hired Dog on 17 January 2020 - 13:01

Valk, from my experience, one of the dogs I worked years a go came out of very well titled sport dogs, all IPO. This dog's job was strictly as a detection dog and in that area, he excelled, but, his hyper activity levels were through the roof.
There was no off switch, I hate that expression, but, its the only way to describe it. The dog had to be crated to relax...he was always looking or doing something, which is great for detection work, but, a huge pain to live with.
I do not enjoy dogs with that much energy that they cannot turn off.

by astrovan2487 on 17 January 2020 - 20:01

All the dogs in my working dog's pedigree have sport titles. Started off as a "sport dog" only for first few years then also took on being a detection dog- one that works constantly and earns me a living. Able to be successful in both sport and real work. Dog lives in the house uncrated and is not hyperactive. Is this kind of dog hard to find or something? I didn't think it was that uncommon, most people I train with have their sport dogs in the house and they are not hyperactive.

There isn't a day at work that we don't use something we learned from sport. I don't believe sport is as useless as many make it out to be.

by jettasmom on 17 January 2020 - 23:01

I have one of those pups. No off switch, always busy when out of kennel. Great environmental but sharp with selective people. Never looking to be petted always exploring her surroundings. Will run off with pinch collar in mouth. No DDR but half Czech/WGWL. Pedigree full of sport titles dogs. I’m baffled,  never have a female like this. Wanting to do IPG but might be better at PSA. 


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