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by Centurian on 17 November 2019 - 08:11

Koots has good advice . Start 1 step away .
I start by suggersting that the handlers to always be thinking this when they teach something to their dog - How , When ,Where and Why [get out of thinking and doing by methods !!! ]. I add ,to what Koot wrote this : Not just one step away but the how the dog moves into you critical . To share , and I taught this 1 week ago with someone " to have the dog come into you" by using toy / food at the dogs nose from a down and slowly the first time you do this . So , keeping the food at the dog's nose , and I mean exactly continuously at the dog's nose , lure the dog toward you and , and as the food is very near you ,slide that food up /onto to your belly while at the same time leaning back . Leaning back and perhaps slightly stepping back intitially with one foot will bring that dog into your body and help have the dog sit. WHY … because you are telling your dog [ how ]— as the front nose slides up into /onto you thedog's head points up , and this allows the dog " to slide into you , via tucking the butt down , into the sit. This is imoettant : as the dog learns to come to you in front you are cinditioning the dog not just to come in close sgraight , but in doing it so tuckmit's butte dwon under himself - meaning the dog becomes conditioned to control it's momentum amd therefore does not crach into you !!..

As the nose goes up right onto you if leaning slightly backwards that will help the dog slide and allowhen finished with the exercise step beck from the dog . Do not let the dog leave you ! *** Because if you teach that and allow the dog to leave you , then that is what the dog learns - "To leave yo" . No …. you ALWAYS leavethe dog first and as you leave ,you release the dog !! So what , Big deal, someone is thinking : well if you are Sch trialing is not that dog to come present to you and hold it's position for a moment ? So .. if you teach the dog that it can , leave you , this translates to other behaviors . ..If the dog is not conditoined and does not 'think'of moving out of that sit in front of you after coming to you , then that is what youn will get : a dog not anticipating or thining of moving away from you . Why , because you never let that happen and become a habit to begin with !. Therefore , the dog will reliably [ in the trial ] look for your next cue to go back to heel . BTW - same in every day life unless you allow it to or teach it otherwise. [ formally or informally , intentionally or unintentionally]

Markers are good to use , I loke makers very much so . But if you do what I suggested , where else could the dogposibly go being 1 foot away. This is not hard , but I empahasize be exactly precise the first time . BTW , speed is not your goal . At the beginnning , Exact communication to the dog is !

I just taught this to a 16 week puppy and handler … You would be surprised how fast and how correct this pup at 20 weeks old is in coming to the front of the owner !!!- As good as any competitor could exhibit !!

Dawn G. Bonome

by Dawn G. Bonome on 17 November 2019 - 09:11

My dog Vito comes in fast on his own. Very good driven. 

Again, thanks to all for the great training advice.
This is the reason why I joined so long ago.



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