Simple pedigree chart for Dolly Bell Popstaff (818563)

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Simple pedigree chart for CHYU Dolly Bell Popstaff

CHYU Dolly Bell Popstaff
(JKSJR 73709 Ast)
CH-YU,CH-HU Backwoods Sergeant Pepper
(JKSJR 73144 Ast)
INT CH, HU-CH Backwoods Long Run
CH Red Essex Texas Tex
(MET1884/94 AST)
CH R And D Boscoes Carbon Copy
(AKCRB144900 10-88)
Hyde's Teger Tiger
(AKCRA857677 09-85)
R and D Daniel's Miss Cocamo
(AKCRB056301 09-87)
R and D's Miss Showtime Tuffy
Tex-Rock Ms Blue
(AKCRA862392 09-85)
Schaller's Pecan's Toad Spit
(CORA904-99 / 286)
CH Red Essex Texas Tex
(MET1884/94 AST)
R and D's Miss Showtime Tuffy
USCH DE&VDHCH EUW Pecan's Hi-Tops of Gwynllyn BH SCHH1
CH Cerberus Pecan Poko
CH Elite Ring Of Backwoods Cry Baby RCAC HPJ
CH Barberycoast The Alchemist
(JR71598 (AKC RM09361403) (MET 5255 / 95))
Barberycoast Hellzapopin
(CKCTL573924 (AKC RM06046701))
CH Touch O'Class Put 'N' On The Ritz
Tugowar's Sandi
Luke Liza Girl
W.W.91 INT.CH.LUX.CH Sindelar's Fred
INT CH Barberycoast O'Class Bandito
(CKCTL573917 (AKC RB142701))
AKC CH Sindelar's Misty Mudd
Tippitt's BONNY
CH Sindelar's Ruby
CHYU Jule of Tower
(JR71961 AST)
INT CH Camelot's Gallant Buck
CH Gallants Johnny Reb
(AKCRA 935904)
CH (AKC) Deaver's Gallant Rebel
(AKCRA604495 11-84)
Ch. Terri
Ch. Deaver's Gallant Patches
Queen Gretel of Jac-San
Ch. Camelot's Princess Jean
Ch. Gallant's JW
Ch. Terri
Gallant's Mean Jean of Jac-San
Queen Gretel of Jac-San
Barberycoast Superstition
INT CH Touch O'Class Rebel Rouser
Tryarr Judi's Bandit
AKC CH Tryarr Strawberry Fields
CH Touch O'Class Pandora
Pandora Spiteful Cassandra
CH USA Evergreen's Peaches And Cream
CH (AKC) Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt
(AKCRA423487 06-79)
AKC CH Tryarr Strawberry Fields
Wheezer's Shady Lady


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