Simple pedigree chart for Tolkien's Thorondor (817955)

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Simple pedigree chart for Tolkien's Thorondor

Tolkien's Thorondor
BISS CH Fraja EC Ruff Rider TT
CH Fraja EC Dodge City
Ch. Lucas' Cool Hand Luke
Terry's Big Mack
CH Mistina
Jerry's Brandy
Luna De Plata
CH Fraja Maria's Tia Maria
CH (INT/AKC) Mari-Don Mister Beau Jangles CDX
(AKCRA105953 10-76)
Ch. X-Pert Humes Topsy
CH Fraja's Black Maria CDX
Rus. Ch. Mari-Don Westex Tess
CH Fraja EC Sunny Girl
CH Sindelar's Sonny Boy of Tara BIS, BISS
CH (AKC) Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt
(AKCRA423487 06-79)
AKC CH Tryarr Strawberry Fields
CH (AKC) Sindelar's Heide Ho
(AKCRA502747 10-82)
Brian's Staff
CH Mistina
CH Fraja Thunder Battery
CH Mari-Don Kirkee Battery
(AKCRA 248852)
CH Shady Lady of Hiccup Hill
Ch. Pepper Ridge Fraja's Thunder UD
CH Fraja's Black Maria CDX
CH Cloverhill's Spirit of Kachina
CH (AKC) Surestaffs Ima Stetson
Ch. Mithril Red Outlaw CD CGC
Ch. Tryarr Red Rascal
Ch. Herk's Harper
Tryarr Right On
Hall's Pooky Sue
Harber's Barbee Doll
Ch. Ch. Sure Staff's Surefire of S
Ch. Rogadame's Keeper
LaFlesche's Mitzi
Ch. What A Classy Chassis
Patton's Red Rock Wildfire
CH Cloverhill's Indian Paintbrush
(AKCRM07636312 (UKC APBT P263-588))
S'N'S Ogre and Ogre Again
Ch. S'N'S Ogre Easy
Sooner's Fudge Ripple
CH S'N'S One For The Money
Sunrise Red Keeper
Ch. Cloverhill's Panda Bear
(AKCRL98696605 (UKC P164-306))
CH Rowdytown's Rebel Rouser
Ch. Diamond's Winsome Ways
CH Wood's Fancy Blu Clover
AKC/UKC CH Wood's EZ Challenger Chance
(AKCRB117956 (UKC APBT P151,789))
Wood's E Z Image


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