5 generation long pedigree for Friendship Ali Gator

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Friendship Ali Gator

CH (INT/AKC) Mari-Don Mister Beau Jangles CDX
AKC/RA105953 10-76

CH Mari-Don's Polly's Black Beau

CH Humes Texas JackCD
INT CH Roll's One Eyed Jack CD
El Bandido Gringo
Belle Holiday
Roll's ComancheraRoll's Habanero
Mancha De X-Pert
Ch. Roll's Chistera PintadaCh. Kerry Major ThorMay's X-Pert Peter Pan
Hundley Al-Guy-Pat
Josephine AnneCyclops
Ch. X-Pert Humes Topsy

Ch. Uppie X-Pert Biff's ShadowCh. Major Jiggs of Presque IsleGolden Mugsie
Ch. Barbara Beauette
Ch. X-Pert Deep OnyxCH X-Pert Brindle Biff
Ch. X-Pert Topsy II
Ch. X-Pert Glamourous GoldieX-Pert Champer Boy IICH X-Pert Brindle Biff
Lloyd's Dappy Girl
X-Pert Red MidgeX-Pert Red Rascal
CH X-Pert Gallant Lady
CH Mistina

Ch. Kerry Major Thor

May's X-Pert Peter PanEl Bandido GringoCh. Moon Bow
Ch. X-Pert Mike
May's X-Pert Tinker BellCh. X-Pert Pedro Escopeta
Hillcrest's Carlotta
Hundley Al-Guy-PatRoll's HabaneroEl Bandido Gringo
Belle Holiday
Tequila TooEl Bandido Gringo
May's X-Pert Tinker Bell
CH Candina

The RajahCH Gallants Johnny Reb
AKC/RA 935904
CH (AKC) Deaver's Gallant Rebel
AKC/RA604495 11-84
Ch. Deaver's Gallant Patches
Lou-Lin Ginger BreadCh. Ruffian High Ace of Harwyn
Lylane Lady Tip of Lou-Lin
Our Lady of RidgewoodValiant BullyRuffian Skipper of Harwyn
Queen Tip of Lou-Lin
Ginger of RidgewoodRuffian Skipper of Harwyn
Valiant Princess Anne

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