Simple pedigree chart for AMSTAFF STYLE FANTASTIC GIRL (2965006)

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Simple pedigree chart for AMSTAFF STYLE FANTASTIC GIRL

BIS,BISS GCH Alpine's Highwayman
CH Benmars Ring Master
(AKCRM28606307 (UKC P485,045))
BIS BISS CH Fraja E C Golden Boy
BISS CH Benmar's Macho of Roadhouse
CH Herrings Roaring Rose
Fraja EC Winner Take All
BIS BISS CH Fraja EC Winning Ticket
CH Benmars Cruise Control
AKC CH/ UKC GR CH Garrett's Al E Gator CD, SCHH 1, ROH
AKC CH/UKC GR CH Wood's Lady Blue U-CD
CH Benmar's Hickory Knot
CH Benmar's Tooty Fruity Legend
CH Alpine's Jamaica Me Crazy CD RE RATN CGCA
BISS CH Raging Moon's Iced Cappuccino
CH Fraja EC Thunder Cloud CGC
BIS BISS CH Fraja EC Winning Ticket
CH. Raging Moon's Fire And Ice
CH Touch O'Class Daddy's Girl
CH Timberland's Pixie Stick RA CGC TT
CH Rangler's Red Hot Masterpiece
CH Pacific Rangler's Wild Belle
Timberland's Northern Light
Ch. Pacific's Sweetest Taboo
Amstaff style sparta
BISINTCH,MULTI CH Praetorian Staff Born To Crush You
MULTI CH LBC Get Together Again Lesoto
INT CH Royal Courts Tipit Z Calvin
CH Royal Courts Mad About You
INT.CH. EPD Blue Moon Lesoto
CH. Imperia Staff Diamond Hill
(RKF1074342 (PKR III-43887))
INTCH CCS Primabalerina Lesoto
CH Praetorian Staff Sexy Lady
(COR A2637-07/286)
MULTICH Apache Born To Be Wild
Peace Keeper's Aik Jack Bo
Ringmaster R Cover Girl
(COR17 53-02/286)
A Walking To The Clouds O' Class
CH Pertoclass Paige
(LOI02111299 (AKC RM36888501))
Lady Cosa Nostra Impero
(JR704250 (ROI 14164656))
MBISS/BIS AKC GCH Aj Artillery's Party Boy
(SLRAST000444 (AKC RN25773101))
MULTI CH Playmaker's Cotton Dragon
(HR11496 SF (AKC RN19379901))
RUCH YUCH Old Mountain's Shoshoni MH
(AKCRN04211002 (JR 76235))
Alfa Diva Sting
Icewood EZ CMon Baby
Wanna Diva Sting
BISS/INT. CH/ MULTI CH Ban Black Dream Long Step
CHSRB, CHBG,J.CH.SRB Black Bandido go Long Step
Fani Long Step
(JR79372 (ROI 1033150))
Ban Dream Long Step
CH Keti od 1300 Kaplara (2006)


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