Simple pedigree chart for Celt and Dac Noblesse Arkana (2850495)

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Simple pedigree chart for Celt and Dac Noblesse Arkana

Celt and Dac Noblesse Arkana
Fletcher Tipit Z Hanky (Vlad)
SE CZ CH Rebel and Proud TZH MAZZEL
BIS BISS Multi Ch. Rebel Eric de Cans Juansa
BISS CH Fraja NE Gold Ticket
BISS CH. Masterbolt IOU Gold
(FIN47979 / 05 (AKC RN11489401))
CH Calamity Jane
Dania de Cans Juansa
Stonyham's Haley V Billjaks
MULTI CH. Rebel and Proud Sheena is a Punk Rocker
WW08,10,12, BIS, BISS MULTI CH, INT CH, AKC CH Royal Court Winning Colors TT, CGC
(AKCRM36610801 (DKK 06747/2007))
USA CH Royal Court's Bold And Beautiful
MULTI CH Ngorong-Ngorong Las Vegas
CH R-U Popeye
CH . Yoli De Ngorong-Ngorong
CH Winner Take All Tipit Z Hanky ATAXIE CLEAR
BISS CH Lobotown Puppy
(LOI09/84200 (OHZB 1813))
CH, JWW-07,WW-07 Lobotown Goldmember
CH Lobo Rowdytown Red Marlboro
(AKCRM36763301 (LOI 0392058))
INTUCH, ITCH Samoa (2001)
Squadron Spitfire Of Lobo
(LOI0581627 (NHSB 2420847))
MULTI CH Royal Court's White Rock Double D
(AKCRM26425501 (LOI 0171971))
CH Devalain Red Rose Dixie
CH Doch an Doris Tipit Z Hanky
CH Alpine's Rio Grande
CH Alpine's Jamaica Me Crazy CD RE RATN CGCA
CH Muramixa Tipit Z Hanky
CH Miss Europe Tipit Z Hanky
Geibeblack Lana
Vintage Ruffian Just-I'M-Perfect
Patrokles Ruffian Joannidis
Sunbolt Full Moon's Boss Man
Sunbolt Red Bull
Sunbolt Frozen in Time
Sunbolt Ruffiana Joannidis
(AKCRN21090305 (CMKU 7990/-11/10/11))
CH Sunbolt Tequila Sunrise
Peggy Lady Marian
Majestic Mississippi Peter
(AKCRN05902105 (LOI 05/95876))
AKC CH Rowyn's Majestic Whisln Dixi
Mississippi Red Comanchera
CH Sunbolt Electric Skillet
(AKCRM26660602 (LOI 0149904))
Rounders China Doll
(LOI01/107822 (AKC RM227301/04))
Hazou De La Maison D'Este
MKCH MDCH Dios Del Fuego De La Maison d'Este ATAXIA CLEAR HD:B
Vidok De La Maison D'Este ATAXIE CLEAR
Zadatis Ourgane
TNT De La Maison D'Este
Vltava De la sauvegarde
Amazone de la maison d este ATAXIE CLEAR
Uston de la maison d este
Spirit-White de le maison d'Este
Paky's Prisca
Olie du Mont d'Este

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