Simple pedigree chart for KAROL"CHARLE"BROWN Presburg Staff (2530932)

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8 month son of Whillo v. Klostermoor
Male for sale

VA3 Marlo v Baccara son, VA1 Ballack v der Bruckn
Male for sale

Simple pedigree chart for CH KAROL"CHARLE"BROWN Presburg Staff

Piai TZH Red Rum
Piai i'M red abate
Ortega Tipit z Hanky
(CMKU8140/12 (ROI 134435))
MULTI CH Trailblazing The Hilltops
AKC CH Sierra's Trailblazing Irish Cream
JCH Almata Tipit Z Hanky
CH Muramixa Tipit Z Hanky
Happy Rock of Bazotown
CH Lobo Rowdytown Red Marlboro
(AKCRM36763301 (LOI 0392058))
Rowdytown Hardrock Crystal
Lobotown Never Mind
Royal Court White Rock Abigail
Fulfill our dreams nike of piai
(ROI1336369 (SLR 000494))
Kan Trace Radames Black
Get Smart Kan Trace
Mlader's Little Ruby HR-CH, YU-CH
Kan Trace Indian Dream
Memphis Of Yellowfire
Sweet Obsession Witch
(HR12645 SF (ROI 1363102))
Flamewood Mountain Dragon
(HR12176 (AKC RN19491301))
Flamewood's Keep The Flame
(HKSHR 11265)
JCH-HR,JCH-SLO,CEEJW Kan Trace Uriah Heep
Farenheit Kan Trace
(HKSHR 11284)
CH Wild Cat Tipit Z Hanky
(SPKPSKJ 2219)
BISS CH Lobotown Puppy
(LOI09/84200 (OHZB 1813))
CH, JWW-07,WW-07 Lobotown Goldmember
CH Lobo Rowdytown Red Marlboro
(AKCRM36763301 (LOI 0392058))
Rowdytown Hardrock Crystal
INTUCH, ITCH Samoa (2001)
CH Coralriver
Squadron Spitfire Of Lobo
(LOI0581627 (NHSB 2420847))
MULTI CH Royal Court's White Rock Double D
(AKCRM26425501 (LOI 0171971))
CH Royal CT Sabrina Of Dauntless
CH Devalain Red Rose Dixie
FFF-Buchanans Dominique
CH Doch an Doris Tipit Z Hanky
CH Alpine's Rio Grande
Multi CH Fraja EC Blue River's Aldo
CH R-U Popeye
CH Fraja EC Kat Can Do
CH Alpine's Jamaica Me Crazy CD RE RATN CGCA
CH Timberland's Pixie Stick RA CGC TT
CH Muramixa Tipit Z Hanky
Pleasure Tipit Z Hanky
CH VIP Tipit Z Hanky
CH Miss Europe Tipit Z Hanky
Wabi Tipit Z Hanky

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