Simple pedigree chart for The Only One Amir Of The Ring Orck (2241573)

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High Drive Malinois - 9 Months Old
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2X VA1 Atilla Team Furstenbrunn in USA @ VonCalvo
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Simple pedigree chart for The Only One Amir Of The Ring Orck

The Only One Amir Of The Ring Orck
JCH.MULTI CH. Popeye The Only One Of Fianna Team
(ROI12/10226 (0449542))
BISS, CH Benmars Ring Master
(AKCRM28606307 (UKC P485,045))
BIS BISS CH Fraja E C Golden Boy
Fraja EC Winner Take All
CH Benmars Cruise Control
CH Benmar's Hickory Knot
CH Alpine's Jamaica Me Crazy CD RE RATN CGCA
BISS CH Raging Moon's Iced Cappuccino
CH. Raging Moon's Fire And Ice
CH Timberland's Pixie Stick RA CGC TT
Timberland's Northern Light
WW, BIS, MULTI CH Böbe of Fianna
CH Fraja NE Ticketmaster
WW08,10,12, BIS, BISS MULTI CH, INT CH, AKC CH Royal Court Winning Colors TT, CGC
(AKCRM36610801 (DKK 06747/2007))
USA CH Royal Court's Bold And Beautiful
CH Fraja NE Flirtation
CH Fraja NE Bodacious
AM. CH. Fraja EC Ready To Rock
MULTI CH Dafne (Lievore's Edition)
MULTI CH Thor The Power Head Sitting Bull
V Vandal Tipit z Hanky
(CMKU4374/00 (LOI 01/84457))
Are Red Tipit Z Hanky
MULTI BISS, MULTI CH Cloverhill's Dances with Fire
CH Cloverhill's Indian Paintbrush
(AKCRM07636312 (UKC APBT P263-588))
Sheila The Immortal Rising's Spirit
V Vandal Tipit z Hanky
(CMKU4374/00 (LOI 01/84457))
CH Fraja EC Thunder Cloud CGC
BISS CH Sindelar's Touch O'Class Orion
CH (AKC) Sindelar's Heide Ho
(AKCRA502747 10-82)
BIS BISS CH Fraja EC Winning Ticket
CH Fraja Thunder Battery
CH Mirage Tipit Z Hanky
CH Wood's EZ Diamondback Dragon
Wood's Diamondback Dotty
CH Scharon Tipit Z Hanky
CH Tipsy (1990)
Sola Dils Daila
(hr 11403 sf)
Stonyhams Thunder v Billjacks
(JR76354 AST)
AKC CH Billjack's The Mask of Zorro
AKC CH Shondell's Litlle Chickadee
Stonyham Fields of Gold
CH Fraja EC Casey's At The Bat
Flamewood'S Juicy Story
(HR11018 SF)
INT CH Sindelar's Shane
(JR74577 AST)
CH Sindelar's Bearfoot Countess
CH Flamewood's Indian Flame UVIII CHHR
Cynosure's GTO
(AKCRM15692907 (TR 092279))
INT CH Woodforest EZ Dragons Flame

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