5 generation long pedigree for Puddinpie Blue Smoke

Pedigree Database

Indro Vom Huhnegrab, Top Stud in Virgina
Stud Dog

4 Puppies for Sale- 2 female and 2 Male
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German Shepherd - Descendant of WSCC/UKC CHAMPION
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Pedigree for

Puddinpie Blue Smoke

Ch. Ruffian Headlight Hal

Ch. The Ruffian

Klump's DeuceCorrington's SpikeCorrington's Badger
Rennick Patsy Lee
Corrington's Dixie LeeGarm II
Corrington's Nifty
Klump's DinaGarm DTudor's King
Hart's Rumpus Beauty
Dinah-LeePaxton Black Phantom
Bennett's Black Mary
Schroeder's Muggins (Calamity Anne)

Schroeder JiggsClark Jiggs IITramp Boy
Clark Lucy II
Schroeder Queen IISchroeder Gas House
Schroeder Queen
Schroeder KaySchroeder BillSchroeder Gas House
Mathis Brandy
Schroeder BettySchroeder Bucky
Murphy Tess
Ch. Ruffian Dreadnaught

Ch. Martin's Tony

Martin's TrampGarm IIGarm D
Ch. Tuffie of DetroitHart's Black Pincher
Black Bonnie II
Ch. Tuffie of DetroitHart's Black PincherHart's Jeff
Hart's Black Queen
Black Bonnie IIKlump's Deuce
Dinah-Lee II
Ch. Ruffian Our Teenie

Ch. The RuffianKlump's DeuceCorrington's Spike
Corrington's Dixie Lee
Klump's DinaGarm D
Schroeder's Muggins (Calamity Anne)Schroeder JiggsClark Jiggs II
Schroeder Queen II
Schroeder KaySchroeder Bill
Schroeder Betty

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